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2020 Software & DevOps Engineering Intern

2020 Software & DevOps Engineering Intern
by Admin on 02-26-2020 at 1:20 pm

Website ARM

Job ID #: 18148
Job Category: Software Engineering
Employment Type: Interns/Students
Division: Technology Services Group
Department: Software Engineering
Primary Country: UK
Primary Location: Cambridge

Job Description

Software DevOps Engineering Intern to work at Arm’s Headquarters in Cambridge.

The Technology Services Group (TSG) at Arm is designed to assist colleagues across all of Arm’s Engineering population via collaboration, infrastructure and new as well as existing tooling. Our goal is to be Arm’s centre of excellence for Productivity Engineering. The Group continually maintains and develops their deep understanding of the huge variety of work that the company undertakes in order to ensure that they deliver the solutions that work best for Arm.

In an increasingly connected world, it is the fresh ideas of graduates and people early in their careers that help us shape these technologies. We are looking for a highly motivated, early career stage, hardworking and enthusiastic engineer to join our diverse team spread across Europe, US and India where your input and ambition will make you a crucial member of the team.

We combine people, technology and domain specific knowledge to craft systems and services for engineers to improve their productivity. It is a complicated and at times challenging task, but there are many opportunities for people who take pride in, and enjoy developing these services and systems to make a real difference. Our days can be highly dynamic and are usually a mixture of both development and supporting the engineering community with advice on how best to utilize the tools and systems we have available. In all of our activities we usually spend a large amount of time interacting with the other engineering teams in Arm.

You shall be joining to work as part of one of the small and hardworking teams which together form TSG-Software. But as group we all follow Agile methodologies, along with an empathetic approach to solving engineering problems with appropriate state of the art technologies.

What can you expect to work on and be accountable for?

You will have a chance to work across a range of systems, services and tools to provide first-class development environments and productivity tools for both hardware and software engineers around Arm, enabling them to perform the job effectively and efficiently. These areas typically include:

  • Developing workflow tooling on industry standard large scale compute environments
  • Develop, validate and maintain a full software stack ensuring our solutions are highly performant and resilient
  • Provide software build and test solutions
  • Exploit virtualization, containerization and cloud technologies
  • Web application development

Key skills we look for 

  • Working towards a good university degree in computer science/software engineering or equivalent experience
  • Experience of handling Linux based infrastructure
  • You should have excellent knowledge of programming principles
  • Experience in one or more complied/scripting language
  • Developing software using version control
  • You are able to evaluate proposals critically – e.g. contributing to design discussions and code reviews.
  • You work well in a team and with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Be a self-starter, self-learner and importantly willing to try out new ideas
  • Experience in handling automated test environments for driving continuous integration (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Experience in testing processes, methodologies and techniques (software automation, software deployment)
  • A working knowledge of agile software development
  • if you have any exposure to or understanding of FoSS communities, authentication, authorization, OAuth2, tokens or RBAC would be helpful, but in no way essential.

Tech you will work with

  • Compiled programming language such as Java, C, C++ or Go
  • Interpreted programming language such as Python, Ruby or Perl
  • Experience with configuration management and infrastructure as code tools (Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, etc)
  • Software build and test solutions such as Jenkins, Bamboo and Artifactory
  • Exploiting virtualization and cloud technologies such as AWS, Docker, OpenStack and Kubernetes.
  • Core Tech includes: REST APIs, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Django, JavaScript, AngularJS, SQL, Selenium (automated testing of web-based UI), HAProxy (HTTP / TCP load balancer), Git & Gerrit
  • Bash, MySQL Infrastructure as a Service

The qualities that we value in our team

  • Your strong interpersonal skills are vital for success
  • You are disciplined and self-motivated with the ability to work independently and in a distributed team
  • You should show a willingness to be flexible, learn new technologies and accept new challenges
  • Passionate about software development and automation
  • Have an active interest in Open Source Software
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