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Addressing the Challenges of Tomorrow’s SoC Design

Addressing the Challenges of Tomorrow’s SoC Design
by Paul McLellan on 01-17-2012 at 5:28 pm

For the next few days Atrenta is running a series of 30 minute live webinars to discuss the new solutions and approaches that are required to improve the way SoC designs are created and modified.

The webinars are at the following times:

  • Jan 17th, 7-7.30am PST (sorry you missed that one)
  • January 18th 7.30-8pm PST (and January 19th in Asia)

In this 30 minute webinar they will explore innovative solutions to these challenges and discuss how solutions based on using Atrenta’s SpyGlass® and GenSys™ product families work on a real design example. Atrenta will demonstrate how to boost productivity and design efficiency by taking an existing tablet design and transforming it within minutes to create a next-generation tablet that features front and rear cameras as well as an HDMI interface.

Also of interest are two recorded webinars:

  • Fast track to IP quality
  • Fast track to confidential RTL handoff

To sign up for any of these webinars go here.

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