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Asian Embargoes

Asian Embargoes
by Paul McLellan on 09-07-2013 at 8:00 pm

[This blog embargoed until 10am China time]

 An interesting thing happened to me this week. I had two press briefings. No, that wasn’t the interesting thing and if you have sat through a press briefing you will not regard them as recreation. I do it for you, Semiwiki readers. Even though, as this week, the briefings are given by friends. But there was something different about these two briefings.

On Monday evening, which is Tuesday morning in Asia, you will see the blogs. This is a sort of teaser. However, this is the first time, and I’m sure not the last, where the embargo date is early in Asia as opposed to early in the US. A typical embargo is 5am in California, 8am in New York. Before ‘the’ markets open, which are on Wall Street. Nowhere else really matters.

One of these announcements is about strategy in Asia and one coincides with a user group meeting in Asia so you can’t read too much into it. But on the same day I got two announcements with Asian embargo times. That’s never happened before. In fact I can’t remember a press release with an Asian embargo before.

 Like traffic down 101 (sorry, non silicon valley readers) something easy to observe may be a proxy for the health of the economy in general or a big trend that is just getting started. Or it may be nothing. My other proxy for business in the valley is Birks in Santa Clara: If you have no idea where it is it is in those pink towers beside 101 at Great America Parkway. If you can get a reservation within a couple of days, silicon valley is not in good shape, if you need to wait two weeks the valley is booming. Right now on Friday as I write you can get a reservation for Monday. For 2 people but not 4. Half-booming. During the downturn, both Birks and Parcel 104 added lots of cheap items to their menu. Not good. But you can’t get a hamburger any more. If you want the best hamburger going, go to Zuni cafe on Market near where I live in San Francisco. But it is only available for lunch or after 10pm. The perfect finish to an evening.

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