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Super Computing Intern

Super Computing Intern
by Admin on 04-11-2022 at 3:43 pm


Job Description

Intel is seeking an  Super Computing Architect Intern to work with a team developing next-generation System and Platform architectures for HPC and AI applications. This is an exciting opportunity to join a team of pathfinding system and platform architects tackling innovative architectures and technologies in pursuit of zettascale computing. This project is very aspirational – a grand challenge that is unifying research agencies, academia, and industry in pursuit of converging HPC, data analytics, and AI.

In this position you will be involved with the following responsibilities:

  • Analyzes performance bottlenecks in high performance computing systems
  • Root causes architectural and microarchitectural factors in performance and proposes hardware solutions
  • Understands software structures and workloads and identifies performance critical factors
  • Works with benchmark workloads and modeling tools including instruction set simulators cycle accurate simulators code profilers and analyzers
  • The candidate should exhibit the following behavioral traits: motivated, self-directed and able to work effectively both independently and in a team.

Duration of internship will be approximately 3 months.


You must possess the below minimum qualifications to be initially considered for this position. Preferred qualifications are in addition to the minimum requirements and are considered a plus factor in identifying top candidates. Experience listed below would be obtained through relevant training and or research experience

Minimum skill and experience:

Must be pursuing a Master’s or  PhD in computer engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, or related field

Minimum of 6+ months of educational or work experience with:

  • Research for future technologies.
  • Performance modeling, trade-off analysis, design of high-performance processors or systems.
  • Microarchitecture such as pipelined out-of-order processors, cache coherent on-chip multiprocessors, dataflow/GPU, or high performance network fabrics, etc.

Preferred skills and experience:

  • Understanding of microprocessor architecture concepts from coursework or internships including: cache architecture, system level coherency, shared virtual memory, network-on-chip, on-die fabrics, network protocols, and related computer components.
  • Familiar with C or other programming language, familiar with Python, and other processing script.
  • FPGA methodologies are a plus.
  • Experience with parallel programming concepts, performance and energy modeling frameworks such as M5, Sniper, Pin, etc. is a plus.
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