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SoC Modeling Engineer

SoC Modeling Engineer
by Admin on 07-20-2020 at 12:38 pm

Embedded & Semiconductor professionals with C++ Expertise for SystemC modeling (1 – 3 Years)

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Do you have passion for Semiconductors / Embedded systems and expertise in C, C++, OOPs ?
CircuitSutra is the place for you.  You will get a chance to drive advanced methodologies for design and verification of SoC, IP, Software & System
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Bangalore, Noida

Educational Qualification:
Bachelor’s / Master Degree in  Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, VLSI

1 – 3 years related experience.


  • Development of fast simulation models / virtual prototypes of SoC & electronics systems
  • Developing SystemC/TLM2.0 based models of IP blocks, CPU, SoC, System
  • Firmware bringup on Virtual Prototype
  • Virtual Prototype deployment for pre-silicon embedded software development
  • Verification of models at IP & SoC level
  • Develop regress able self checking test suites using C/ARM assembly.
  • Develop System Level Flows and Methodologies using virtual prototypes
  • Support the firmware teams in effectively using the virtual prototypes

Required Skills:

  • C / C++, Data structures, Algorithms, OOPs concepts
  • Device driver, Firmware development
  • Familiarity with the functional specification of SoC / Microcontrollers at register level
  • SoC architecture, Peripherals, Bus protocols, Interfaces
  • Willing to learn SystemC based ESL methodologies


  • Using simulators, Virtual Prototyope for embedded software development
  • Exposure to CPU architecture (ARM, RISC-V), Instruction Set Simulator (ISS)
  • SystemC modeling
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To view the job application please visit www.circuitsutra.com.