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Site IT Admin US

Site IT Admin US
by Admin on 10-06-2023 at 1:33 pm

  • Full Time
  • MD, USA

Website CEVA


In this diversified role, you will oversee multiple IT aspects and act as IT rep’ for Two sites in US: (Rockville – on premises, Mountain View – remote).

  • Support on-site and remote engineers and manage a local machine environment.
  • Perform system improvements and upgrades.
  • Manage virtual servers and storage environments.
  • Improve system resilience and security.
  • Manage Network infrastructure.
  • Repair and recover from failures, verify flawless applications and servers.
  • Local handling of IT budget, printers, office access, Telecom/ISP.


  • 4+ years’ experience in similar positions.
  • A good knowledge of Windows Client for end user support.
  • Basic knowledge in Linux systems – Red Hat, NFS, NX, VNC, FlexLM,
  • Experience with Servers hardware and management systems, Storage and networking systems.
  • Experience with VMWare environment.
  • Experience with AD, DHCP, DNS and WDS.
  • Capabilities to learn and develop new IT skills & systems.
  • Excellent skills in cooperation with team members and internal customers.

Role is based out of our Rockvillie, MD office and candidate will be required to be in our office three/four days per week.

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit www.ceva-dsp.com.

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