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SoC Architect (Flexible location worldwide)

SoC Architect (Flexible location worldwide)
by Daniel Nenni on 09-12-2020 at 5:44 pm

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Design multi-layered SoC architecture and responsible for integrating all of the components in a given customizable chip.

Develop the upcoming advanced platforms, which will connect multiple cores together on a chip, support large bandwidth, as well as new applications and workloads.

Design the IP blocks to be integrated into new SoCs (e.g. receivers, accelerators, transmitters, memory cache, I/O devices, power management, and IP subsystems).

Research and analyze emerging needs for new SoC architecture.

Collaborate with customers, including Fortune 500 companies and prominent start-ups, to tailor SoCs to their needs.


8+ years’ experience in ASIC/SoC development and chip architecture definition.

MS or PhD in Computer Architecture or in a related field.

Familiarity with SoC components, such as UART, DDR, PCI Express, etc.

Basic knowledge of RTL design & SoC tool flows.
Basic understanding of foundry lib, IP, and process technology limitation.

Familiar with advanced CPU architectures and pipelines.

Experience in SoC design flow, including spec definition, microarchitecture design, and performance modeling.

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