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Senior Principal Engineer

Senior Principal Engineer
by Admin on 05-20-2022 at 2:35 pm

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Position Description

Key member of the Tensilica DSP team within Cadence, responsible for architecting, specifying and designing optimized micro-architectures for DSP based hardware products as part of families of Tensilica DSP cores and subsystems, targeting various application domains such as computer vision, AR/VR, audio/voice, Radar, AI or ADAS/AD.

Apply knowledge of DSP algorithms for the target applications to define and propose suitable architecture and micro-architectures for Tensilica DSP cores and subsystems next generation products.

Apply knowledge of DSP core architecture and software optimization techniques to identify bottlenecks and explore hardware and software solutions to improve performance. Restructures algorithms as needed taking into account memory subsystem architecture and data organization, precision consideration and vector processing in order to improve the performance.


  • Explore and define new architectures and micro-architectures for DSP based products. Includes the definition of new DSP ISA, hardware accelerators and subsystems for target applications.
  • Collaborate internally with marketing and software and hardware engineering teams to understand requirements and work with customers to validate roadmap directions.
  • Define hardware products (including DSP core, ISA, hardware accelerators and subsystem topology) to optimize energy efficiency, flexibility and ease of programming.
  • Evaluate new algorithms in terms of complexity, expected performance and memory usage requirements and implementation on DSP-based architecture
  • Perform feasibility study and create prototype to validate architectural and micro-architectural directions and new features focusing on the performance and area target requirements.
  • Write, review and maintain technical documents and specifications

Position Requirements:

  • Deep knowledge in an industry standard ISA essential. Domain specific knowledge in Audio, Computer Vision, AR/VR, Radar or AI desirable.
  • Strong track record in understanding Software issues and Hardware microarchitectures.
  • Strong understanding of digital signal processing algorithms and their optimization on DSP based subsystems. Proficiency using C/C++ and C intrinsics is desirable.
  • Expertise in algorithm definition, modifications and optimizations for efficient processing including fixed point conversion, exploiting parallelism, balancing data transfer and computation.
  • Ability to define the requirements and specifications for new instructions or new hardware for DSPs based on algorithm requirements.
  • Knowledge of DSP and vector programming, including code optimization
  • Proven track record in delivering innovative solutions for successful products.
  • Proficient in C/C++, MATLAB language programming desirable
  • Experience writing shell and/or Perl scripts
  • Ability to work efficiently with remote teams on different time zones
  • Ability to work successfully both independently and in a team environment
  • Strong problem solving skills, flexible, adaptable and proactive
  • Strong communication skills
  • 15+ years of experience in the development of hardware architectures and micro-architectures, CPU or DSP based.
  • MSEE, MSCS, or MSCE or equivalent with Signal Processing major or a PhD strongly preferred
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