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Senior Memory Design Engineer

Senior Memory Design Engineer
by Admin on 07-11-2022 at 10:14 pm

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You know us. With 125 Arm-powered products shipped every second, we’ll be in a over a trillion smart devices by 2035. Your smartphone, award-winning VR gaming, the world’s fastest supercomputer – our engineers are designing the advanced core processors leading the race towards a connected, autonomous, hyper-performance future. So, we promise you endless opportunities to experiment and go even further in hardware!

Here at ARM Memory Design Group, we Enable outstanding IC implementation and physically optimized ARM CPU/GPU solutions on advanced process nodes (3nm/5nm/7nm/12nm/16nm). We craft/develop Memory compilers with high quality memory instances and Fast Cache Instance to meet a wide range of performance power and density applications. Typical platform contents include single, two and dual port static random-access memory (SRAM) compilers, which Arm calls SRAM or Register File (RF) compilers. Platforms typically also include a ROM compiler. Arm offers compilers with various architectures and optimization points, including High Density, High Speed and Ultra High Density.

Now, you have an opportunity to work on the next generation of processors that will appear in the most desirable products over the next 3 years. The Local design team is a good combination of very expert engineers and some of the most enthusiastic and hardworking graduates, coming from the best engineering schools. Collectively, the team is highly creative, collaborative, delivery orientated and committed.

Key accountabilities

As Memory Design Engineer, we will work on developing memory compilers and memory Fast Cache instances for our next generation Arm Cores achieving outstanding PPA.

Education & qualifications

We Prefer graduate or post graduate from a University or Engineering School, in Electronic Engineering or equivalent Engineering Degree.

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • You have some understanding of computer architecture and micro-architecture concepts.
  • We expect you to have basic understanding of CMOS Transistors, their behaviors.
  • We expect some basic understanding of high speed/low power CMOS circuit design, clocking scheme, Static and complex logic circuits.
  • Understanding of high speed/low power CMOS circuit design, clocking scheme, Static and dynamic logic circuits.
  • Understanding of Power versus Performance versus Area trade-offs in typical CMOS design.
  • We expect you to have some hands on experience with Circuit simulation, MC analysis and waveform viewer tools such as HSPICE, XA, XPS, nWave, Waveform viewer etc.
  • Experience of working on Cadence or Synopsys flows.
  • Understanding of the advantages and challenges of advanced process nodes.
  • You have an engineering attitude and passion for Circuit design.
  • Ability to schedule own workload and plan tasks.
  • Good interpersonal skills.

“Nice to have” skills

  • You know basic scripting languages, e.g. Perl/TCL/Python.
  • Some Experience of working on Cadence or Synopsys flows.
  • Experience with Circuit Simulation and waveform Debugging.

Arm is an equal opportunity employer, committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal opportunities are available to all applicants and colleagues. We are a diverse organization of dedicated and innovative individuals, and don’t discriminate on the basis of any characteristic.

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