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Senior Director, Product Growth & Offering Development, Data Fabric

Senior Director, Product Growth & Offering Development, Data Fabric
by Admin on 07-25-2022 at 1:50 pm

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Product Led Growth is driven through a discipline called offering management.  At Medidata, this is a strategic function in the product organization that is accountable for the full life cycle of an offering, including:

  • validating the need in the marketplace,
  • determining the business model, and
  • assessing the implications for product/engineering, marketing, sales, customer success, support, professional services and our partners; and of course
  • delivering high time-to-value for our customers and the business.

The Medidata Product Growth organization and offering team leaders have the mandate to work across business units and disciplines to harness the company’s full arsenal of talent and intellectual property.

The primary goal of this organization and the offering leaders within, is the following:

  • identify and define a growth strategy for a product solution area and/or product line, as well as work with other offering leaders that

Background, Education & Experience:

We are looking for someone who understands the demand side of the equation but is also highly competent on the technology side. You should feel at home discovering demand, talking to customers, understanding the struggles. Working with Design and Engineering as the core teams to frame tradeoffs and iterate to the right solution, not to mention working cross-functionally across the organization and externally to validate product/offering market-fit.

  • You should feel comfortable leading a cross-functional team. Building a successful offering is a sum of many ingredients sourced from various places. You’ll be the chef.
  • You should have a track record of building successful SaaS product offerings and can talk about the problems you were solving and how you arrived at solutions that not only made a difference for the customer, but helped you achieve market differentiation
  • Although domain expertise is important, some of the best innovations come from unbiased industry outsiders. You might come from a different industry, but building a good product is an art form that is mastered through trials and errors. You should be a fast learner and feel comfortable learning new domains.
  • You’re savvy with technologies that surround data management and experienced with defining use cases and related offerings that solve complex problems that reside in the regulatory space. You’ll be responsible for framing the problem and shaping a solution. Your team will include engineers, designers and cross functional stakeholders and you should feel at home working with them in defining market differentiating solutions.
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