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Security Services Senior Consultant

Security Services Senior Consultant
by Admin on 09-26-2022 at 1:42 pm

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As Synopsys engages with clients in the application of our software security improvement methodologies, the Security Consultant joins in the execution and delivery of planned project deliverables and milestones that assist clients in learning, understanding, and applying Synopsys’s secure software development methodologies.

Security Consultant:

  • Typically has task responsibility within one project and develops the capability to perform tasks within one or more of Synopsys’s security practices.
  • Continuously learns and expands their technical expertise.
  • Work from the office/home, but often go on site to help customers exterminate the bugs and untangle the flaws that make their systems insecure.
  • Make themselves and their team indispensable advisors to our customers: they build the relationships that help create and identify follow-on assignments.

Roles Include

  • Source Code Analysis
  • Software Penetration Testing
  • Architecture Security Analysis
  • Secure Software Design and Architecture
  • Application Reverse Engineering
  • Network Security Analysis
  • Database Security Analysis

Qualifications and Experience

Technical Skills

  • Familiarity with software security weakness, vulnerability, and secure code review a plus
  • Familiarity with software attack and exploitation techniques a plus
  • Familiarity with at least one software programming language and framework a plus
  • Experience with C/C++, .NET, Java, multiple OS and RDBMS
  • Experience with other languages (e.g. JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, COBOL, SQL, or Assembly) (Desired)
  • Experience conducting secure code review a plus
  • Experience conducting reverse engineering a plus
  • Experience performing web application penetration testing a plus

Consulting Skills

  • Ability to interface with clients, utilizing consulting and negotiating skills
  • Ability to undertake and complete tasks exclusively, meet schedules and delivery timelines, and to move swiftly from concepts and theory to action

Team-oriented Skills

  • Ability to collaborate with project team members, take direction from the project lead and execute tasks consistently

Project Management

  • Awareness of end-to-end project management life-cycle including planning, execution and closeout


  • Written communication skills for use in preparing formal documentation, Statements of Work, proposals, white papers, and case studies
  • Verbal skills that include the ability to clearly articulate thoughts and to deliver presentation and training to all levels of management
  • Ability to persuade


  • Enthusiasm and commitment along with professional interpersonal skills and an entrepreneurial drive
  • Willingness to travel

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent.
  • Master’s Degree preferred
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