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Safety and Security Architect

Safety and Security Architect
by Admin on 07-22-2022 at 1:49 pm

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Designing microprocessors is hard, expensive, and takes years. But does it have to?  No.

Codasip was founded on a simple belief – that we could bring together the brilliance of microprocessor architects and software engineers and capture it in tools that made design simpler, faster, and less expensive. STUDIO was born in 2014 with the mission of democratizing processor design. We are succeeding. At the same time RISC-V was gaining traction, so it was natural for Codasip to embrace it as an Open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA).

What is unique at Codasip is our approach to design to speed up the development and leverage HW & SW co-design: we use our increasingly adopted architecture description language CodAL.

Together with our well-organised and highly collaborative international teams, located in the Czech Republic, Germany, France and UK.

We are looking for safety and security architects and designers to join our Labs team to research, define, design and prototype solutions to support and drive our product roadmap.

Job Description:

Codasip is born from an innovative vision and future focus, and as our growth continues we have developed an innovation team in the name of Codasip Labs, that is a catalyst to this forward thinking.

One of our focus areas is functional safety and cyber security where we are looking for safety and security architects and designers to research, define, prototype and validate Codasip’s next generation of security and functional safety architecture and features. Though there are marked differences between safety and security we aim to provide an integrated approach, hence the combination of safety and security from an architectural perspective

The scope of the role covers the RISC-V portfolio of cores, where we expect a suite of solutions specific to the cores and their market use cases. The role, however, also includes our EDA tool “Studio”, where an integrated safety and security solution is leveraged. The role will also include safety and security analysis to provide justification and evidence to support your design decisions. You will also be expected to understand and communicate e.g. PPA trade off to enable rational decisions.

This is a senior role within the company and will have interaction across the business, with key technology stakeholders such as the CTO and also with our partners and customers. You will influence our technology roadmap and be a key contributor to our future success. Importantly, you will be an integral part of Codasip’s safety and security compliant solutions where product robustness and process rigor are expected.

The role expects a hands-on approach driving the definition of our process framework, process implementation and ensuring effective deployment.

While Codasip is headquartered in Europe, our approach and culture are typical of Silicon Valley, meaning that we value prudent risk taking and “out of the box” thinking.  We are a well-funded start-up, implementing a funded plan for dynamic growth to support our leading edge product portfolio.

RISC-V is a revolutionary technology in the semiconductor industry. This role will have high impact and visibility in Codasip and in the growing RISC-V world.

Main responsibilities include:

  • Definition and design of safety and security architecture
  • Prototyping of design solutions
  • Validation and verification of safety and security strategies via analysis and other appropriate techniques
  • Documentation to support the understanding and rollout to product
  • Definition of methods and techniques for safety and security architectural design

Core Skills and Competencies Required for the safety and security architect position:

  • Over 10 years recent and relevant experience in core architecture development
  • Deep understanding of CPU architecture and of advanced and high-performance pipeline concepts and design
  • First hand experience of design and development of safety and security solutions (to recognised industry standards e.g. ISO 26262 and ISO/SAE 21434 for automotive
  • Good understanding of IP and SoC design and verification flows, and of silicon process technology and its limitations
  • A self starter with drive and determination to implement change


  • Good degree (BSc, MSc, BEng, MEng or equivalents) in a numerate discipline
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