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R&D engineer

R&D engineer
by Admin on 03-13-2023 at 2:33 pm

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What does the job consist?

Within our Innovation Department, the “Research” group in Florence explores and develops future technological bricks allowing the development of new innovative products.

In your job as an R&D engineer, you analyze and explore disruptive technological paths for transferring thin films with new materials in order to meet the problems and needs of current or future markets. The scope of exploration is very broad and very ambitious in terms of targeted applications, planned processes or materials used.

In parallel with the technological watch and the analysis, you are responsible for bringing these technological paths to proof of value, according to the required deadlines. 

For this, it is necessary to set up developments internally or through external collaborations, in particular with the CEA Leti. You also ensure the link with your interfaces (innovation, production, process, supply chain, etc.) to achieve reduced R&D batch cycle times and you actively participate in the reporting of your activities within innovation 

As the bearer of the research activity at SOITEC, you are required to communicate your technical results regularly within innovation, as well as externally via oral presentations at conferences and publications. The positioning of the position within innovation as well as your creativity allows you to regularly propose ideas for patents.

You join Florence and her team of 7 people (5 engineers / 2 technicians) in the most upstream phase of our projects for future products and technologies.

Requirements & qualifications

… in possession of a Bac+5 level diploma in solid state physics, semiconductor materials or microelectronics; after your doctorate in these fields or your 2 to 5 years of experience have enabled you to independently manage projects linking material and device.

You are pro-active , curious , rigorous and a good communicator. You know how to work alone and in a team. The resolution of scientific problems, the technical challenge and the permanent novelty attract you and you appreciate communicating with various interlocutors (level and trades).

If this profile looks like you, don’t wait any longer and come join our team! Post your application on our site

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