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Project Manager

Project Manager
by Admin on 07-20-2020 at 12:43 pm

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As a project manager, you are responsible for carrying out any project in accordance with the initial objectives given by the company by following the product roadmaps or by the customer through a contract.


  • Creation of planning based on the project objective, necessary resources, risks, and budget constraints
  • Clarify the supplies to be delivered, the technical and contextual constraints of the project (the media used: target specifications, contracts, PS, etc.)
  • Define the optimal stages of the project, ensure that all have an associated flow and obtain the commitment of the various suppliers (internal or external) on credible delivery dates: PERT / GANTT technique, critical paths, etc.
  • Highlight the risky stages of the project and propose risk mitigation plans.
  • Identify resource needs: human skills, software, logistics, etc.
  • Define a schedule for the project team which takes into account their workload plan and which highlights all the judicious control milestones.
  • Work for the follow-up of our PLM (Project Life cycle Management) (DP²)
  • Plan all the mandatory reviews provided for by the procedure: launch review, weekly review, etc.
  • React if deviation from the initial plan (cost, deadline, functionality, change of priority, removal of resource, etc.): alert escalation, proposal of alternatives, targeted actions, etc.
  • Capitalize on the project experience through an assessment (cost / budget / achievement of objectives) with the steering committee and by proposing planned actions to improve the flow and the product.
  • Relations with the Business Manager and the product manager


You have more than 5 years of experience as a project manager, preferably in the field of microelectronics / semiconductor.


  • Control of the subcontracting chain, including interactions between the different teams
  • Pilot of the relationship with internal and external suppliers (specification of objectives, procedure for the acceptance of supplies)
  • Understanding the different stages of designing an SoC? from specifications to validation on silicon of prototypes
  • Ability to establish a design quote for a “Silicon Qualifier” or an ASIC circuit in collaboration with technical leaders.
  • Fluency in English (read, write, speak)
  • Communicate, synthesize, listen and centralize information and knowledge
  • Oppose and assert your point of view
  • Anticipate problems through risk management
  • Questioning what has been learned and being proactive
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