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Production Manager

Production Manager
by Admin on 05-20-2024 at 1:52 pm

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1. Lead project post-silicon stage and communicate with customer in TW/JP/US/EU/CN.

2. Coordinate with PM, product, testing, packaging, reliability and backend team during prototyping and production stages for achieving delivery target.

3. Support Sales/CS to be a good bridge between customer requirements and ASIC manufacturing supports.

4. Wafer Process, WAT, CP, Assembly, FT, BI, RA and SLT monitoring, yield analysis, maintenance, and improvement.


1. Familiar with SoC Design flow, CMOS device and IC process.

2. Familiar with yield analysis, yield improvement, and failure analysis.

3. Familiar with characterization and component qualification.

4. With the experiences to co-work with test and design teams to define MP testing spec.

5. Fluent in English writing, reading and oral communication.

6. Fab process knowledge.

7. Testing related knowledge.

8. Package and assembly related knowledge.

9. Automotive production knowledge.

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