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Planner of Production

Planner of Production
by Admin on 08-21-2023 at 1:43 pm


Function mainly covers Planning, Production Control, Delivery, Internal Customer Service and others.


  • Receive/Clarify field’s or internal engineering department’s request on detailed Subcon Service to be performed.
  • Co-Work with Operation/Technical Support team to find suitable vendors to meet field’s or internal engineering department’s request.
  • Plan smooth turnkey flow & schedule for each project. Try to meet internal/outside customers’ demand.
  • Find appropriate capacity at vendors.
  • Book adequate allocation at vendors.
  • Place order/work order to vendors.

Production Control:

  • Maintain good relationship with vendors.
  • Secure reasonable delivery schedule from vendors, once order accepted by vendor.
  • Closely monitor WIP. Push to pull in the schedule if needed.
  • Highlight any failure / excursion to field/engineering/Operation (technical support team). Closely monitor and drive above teams together with vendor to solve failure/excursion.
  • Operate SAP ERP system; correctly maintain WIP status in ERP system.


  • Find qualified delivery company to meet project requirement.
  • Prepare/Watch out delivery from vendor to vendor, vendor to customer.
  • Support custom clearance if needed.
  • Issue shipping documents for each delivery.
  • Qualify/Manage warehouse for some inventory keeping.

Internal customer service:

  • Keep timely communication with field/internal engineering department for the turnkey status and schedule.


  • Support field/internal engineering team for cost estimation (delivery/logistics charge), schedule estimation.
  • Support Finance team at payment (to vendor), Invoice (to customer), etc.


  • Have relevant working experience in Production Material Control (PMC), Production Planning (PP) or Workshop Supervisor (MFG),work experience and rank are not limited.
  • Experience in IC industry is preferred.
  • IE (Industrial Engineering) or BA (Business Administration) background is preferred.
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