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PFE Internship – Process Engineer – Thermal Treatment

PFE Internship – Process Engineer – Thermal Treatment
by Admin on 12-04-2023 at 4:02 pm

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In the technical heat treatment area of ​​our clean rooms, you will join the Virginie Process team. Technicians and Engineers form this strong team of multiple skills. Accompanied by your tutor Caroline, the process is constantly linked to the various services in our clean rooms. They ensure the quality of our products during their manufacturing.

What does the job consist of?

As part of the industrialization of new equipment addressing the products of the future for the SOI 300mm line, you will be a driving force for putting this equipment into production.

This project will allow you to set up appropriate monitoring on this equipment in relation to the failure mode and to write the procedures and operating documents related to this installation. A data analysis phase will be necessary to determine the associated failures and control plan.

You will be required to collaborate with the various teams of technicians and production by presenting them with the new control plan and the documents put in place.

As a stakeholder in the industrialization process, your ability to communicate will also be an asset since you will be in contact with our company’s innovation, integration, performance and quality teams.

Requirements & qualifications

In the final year of a Master’s degree, an engineering school or a Master’s degree specialized in the field of microelectronics, you are looking for an end-of-studies internship. Knowledge of clean room processes and microelectronics is expected. Proactive, autonomous, rigorous and equipped with technical curiosity, if you want to join a team where it is good to work, don’t hesitate any longer and apply on our Soitec website in the “working at Soitec” section!

Apply for job

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