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PCB Library and Layout

PCB Library and Layout
by Admin on 11-27-2023 at 3:07 pm

Job Description:

· Hands on Flow Manager, Design migration, revision managers, component selection and usage along with taking a design through layout.

· Create a project using Allegro EDM Flow Manager and migrate a design from the DE HDL environment to the Allegro Design Workbench environment.

· Search for parts in the component database using the Part Information Manager. Add parts to your Design Entry HDL schematic from the Part Information Manager, import and check if the mapping is correct and error-free.

· Process the design through packaging, export to the PCB Editor, and back annotate from the PCB Editor.

· Generate reports in the Allegro EDM environment.

· Must have hands on experience in using and working on Allegro Design Entry HDL and Allegro PCB Designer.

· Set all component, net, topology design rules using Constraint Manager. Ensure DFA, DFM and DFT constraints are set as per design class and types.

· Create detailed board cross section with impedance rules defined for all design requirements.

· Deep knowledge of PCB Materials and build Stackup to enable multiple fabrication vendors.

· Detailed knowledge of Hardware specifications and all types of interfaces and the design guidelines is a must.

· Should know the basics of Core, Types of Memory,

· System control, Timers, Power Delivery, Power interfaces, Power Management, Connectivity, RF, Analog, Digital, WIIF, Modem, Serial interfaces, Multimedia and more.

· Must have good knowledge of Design routing and topology strategies.

· Placement and routing of all type of memories [ eStorage, DDR3, LPDDR4, LPDDR4X, LPDDR5, Graphic Memory, Density, Speed ] using Type 3 and Type 4 PCB technology.

· Best optimization of Placement of part on the Board area.

· Design boards using High Density interconnect of highly complex designs using different HDI structures, Microvias – stacked and staggered, Any layer vias, all layer vias, Deep Microvias, deep stacked micro vias etc.,

· Good knowledge of Plane fills, referencing and copper balancing.

· Communicate and Interact with Mechanical, Design Engineers, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and Delivery, Interface owners and all interlocks necessary.

· Engage with Manufacturing Engineers to ensure Quality of board with respect to DFA, DFM and DFT.

· Review Gerber data vs design.


· Bachelor of Engineering

· Experience in the Domain :05-10 years

· Hands on experience in Cadence Allegro Library and Layout Tool [Version 16.6 and 17.2]

· Hands on experience in developing and validating

· Logical Symbol and Physical Footprint creation using Allegro PCB Design Editor HDL/EDM/Librarian including Allegro Design Workbench and CES.

· Added knowledge of mechanical tools like Creo / Solidworks / AutoCad is preferable

· Knowledge of Parts and Components

· Microsoft Word and Excel expertise

· Intense knowledge of CES, Stackup, board cross section, impedance details, Components and specifications

· Capabilities of delivering PCB CAD Layout of High Density-High Speed, Mixed, Analog, Digital, RF Designs, Flex Designs etc.

· Must have hands on experience in HDI micro via technology in Allegro

· Basic knowledge of Signal integrity, Power Integrity, EMI/EMC, Mechanical and Thermal analysis with respect to PCB board layout

· DFA, DFM and DFT knowledge to adhere to Quality assurance

· Valor experience along with other Gerber viewer tool knowledge

· Automation and Skill scripting knowledge

· Additional kn

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