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Module Associate Engineer (Tainan) Reserve Program

Module Associate Engineer (Tainan) Reserve Program
by Admin on 02-06-2023 at 3:03 pm

  • Full Time
  • Taiwan

Website TSMC


  • Do you like to solve precision machinery and equipment problems by hand?
  • Do you want to break through the limit of semiconductor machine mass production technology and continue to challenge the infinite possibilities of future technology?
  • “Associate module engineer” is the most suitable position for you. You will use the most advanced operating system and AI artificial intelligence interface to carry out equipment repair and maintenance, grow together with the company, and jointly break through the production limit of the machine, and become the driving force in the semiconductor field. Problem-solving engineering professionals!

Job Content

  • Responsible for the repair and maintenance of semiconductor product line machine equipment
  • Manage and improve the machine parts system, including parts and spare parts management of manufacturers and subcontractors
  • Design machine maintenance tooling and process improvement to enhance machine stability
  • It is necessary to cooperate with day, night/holiday shifts (about every four weeks for a big night shift, and a shift for six days)
  • After joining TSMC and training as an associate module engineer, you will enjoy:
  • Challenge the annual salary of one million:
  • Highly competitive salary level and reward mechanism
  • Dividend bonus: share the performance bonus according to the company’s operating profits every quarter, so that you can receive a generous salary for 1 year, 4 seasons, and 12 months reward
  • Rich and broad training development, and career advancement:
  • Professional training: the world’s most advanced Chinese science training center, two-month full-time training courses
  • Career promotion: job opportunities for vertical upward or horizontal conversion, never limit
  • High specification working environment:
  • Gourmet feast: 24 hours to provide a variety of exotic cuisine
  • Preferential leave: give flexible leave and sick leave that are superior to the Labor Standards Act


  • Possess a college degree, and be in electrical engineering, electronics, machinery, automatic control, refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering and other related departments
  • Basic knowledge of machinery is required; knowledge of semiconductor process is preferred
  • Problem solving, communication, teamwork, active learning and other abilities are required
  • Basic English reading and writing skills are required
  • Need to be able to fit in most work hours, wear a clean suit and will work in a clean room environment
  • After at least 12 months of relevant training and certification, you can become a module assistant engineer

Salary: The starting salary starts from 38,000 yuan, and the annual salary includes bonuses, big night allowances, and extra bonuses

Apply for job

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