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Software Development Engineer (C,C++, Linux, Unix)

Software Development Engineer (C,C++, Linux, Unix)
by Daniel Nenni on 08-13-2020 at 6:39 pm

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We are looking for a junior software engineer to work inthe RET team in the Calibre business unit. You will be teaming up with a groupof senior software engineers and working on algorithms and softwareimplementation for problems related to optimal sampling of processes andsolutions to create optimal patterns to sample these processes and create robustmodels that capture these processes.

All applications of this work relate tothe domain of semiconductor manufacturing, but the core principles needed aremore general from many diverse engineering fields.

Knowledge of signalprocessing or equivalent, sampling methods (especially in the context ofbuilding robust models) and numerical modeling are highly desirable.

Someexperience in modeling of some relevant physical processes, or experience in ElectronicDesign Automation (EDA), are also nice to have, but not strictly required.


Job Qualifications:

The successful candidate will possess the following combination of education and experience:

BS or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics or Applied Mathematics.
Excellent programming skills and demonstrable experience in C and C++ on UNIX and/or LINUX platforms.
Excellent programming skills and experience in either Tcl/Tk or Python.
Experience/knowledge – sampling theory or signal processing or equivalent.
Knowledge of numerical modeling.
Demonstrated ability and strong desire to learn and explore new technologies.
Excellent analysis and problem-solving skills.

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To view the job application please visit mentor-careers.employeereferrals.com.