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Major Account Sales

Major Account Sales
by Daniel Nenni on 06-06-2020 at 7:38 pm

S2C Inc.

Title Major Account Sales
Job Location San Jose, CA, USA
Job Responsibilities As a Major Account Salesperson, you are responsible for the sales of S2C’s FPGA prototyping solutions. Your duties include identifying, qualifying, and closing new business in North America.

1. Working in a team environment with executive level management, FAE and Finance staff to meet or exceed negotiated sales objectives.
2. Handling the sales process including business development, customer engagement, order processing, and delivery.
3. Account management, planning, forecasting, qualifying and delivery of sales presentations and proposals.
4. Evaluating customer requirements, assessing S2C’s products, developing a proposal, and negotiating the close of business.
5. Coordinating the preparation of written proposals and work with internal teams, such as FAE, marketing, finance and order processing.

Job Requirements 1. A minimum of five years of experience in technical sales.
2. Knowledge of the complete sales process, strong communication skills, and the ability to interact with engineering and management staff at all levels.
3. The ability to grasp complex technical data and communicate to a broad range of technical and non-technical people.
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To view the job application please visit www.s2cinc.com.