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Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance Engineer
by Admin on 03-11-2024 at 3:02 pm

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Soitec is a company listed in the SBF 120 index which operates upstream of the microelectronics value chain. Our innovative semiconductor materials are essential to the operation of smartphones and the deployment of 5G. They also offer numerous opportunities for connected automobiles, electric and autonomous vehicles and embedded intelligence in connected objects. 
This position gives us an incredible responsibility, which inspires us every day: making possible the massive adoption of technological innovations while considerably limiting their environmental impact, in a logic of responsible innovation and sustainable development.

In a context of high activity and the start-up of a new production line, Christelle’s maintenance team needs to be strengthened.

To meet our new industrial challenges, we are looking for an equipment/maintenance engineer to entrust him with responsibility for a fleet of equipment and to be a privileged interface at the heart of the maintenance activity.

What does the job consist of?

As part of a team of technicians and engineers from Bernin 3 and Bernin 4, you will be responsible for managing a fleet of equipment. You organize and implement preventive and corrective actions. In addition to guaranteeing the availability of equipment for production activity, you will bring your creativity to improve equipment performance in the long term, in terms of reliability, cost, quality and safety.

Your technical experience and your perspective will make it possible to propose new areas of work to the team. You will also be responsible for adapting the capacity of your fleet to customer demand and new challenges. To do this, it will be necessary to define the needs, coordinate the installation of new equipment and implement the standards of our industry.

As you have understood, you are at the heart of technical exchanges to respond to operational challenges and lead projects as a privileged interface between the different services.

Requirements & qualifications

You are a maintenance engineer, with skills in mechanics, electronics, IT (HW) and notions of robotics. You like to coordinate, communicate and you know how to manage changes in priorities independently. Leadership, team spirit, your capacity for analysis and synthesis will be necessary assets to manage the activity within your scope and ensure the technical link with the teams.

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit careers-soitec.icims.com.

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