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Logistics Operator

Logistics Operator
by Admin on 04-15-2022 at 2:30 pm

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Essential Functions / Responsibilities:
1. Prepack: Verify, count & pack orders properly prior sending orders to staging process.
2. Staging: Scanning of prepacks on designated shelves using the Precision program.
3. Picking: To locate, pull, consolidate prepacks from the zone according to sessions in the Precision program and take to the boxing area.
4. Boxing / Labeling: Process & ship order to consignee according to Precision program.
5. Documents filling and housekeeping.
6. Any other jobs related duties as assigned by management.
7. Adheres to all Samtec Quality Principles and actions.

Required Experience:
1. 1 year in related / similar position

Preferred Education:
1. SPM engineering /related technical or equivalent experience

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