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Jr. Engineer of Thermal / Cooling

Jr. Engineer of Thermal / Cooling
by Admin on 05-20-2024 at 2:09 pm

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Work content

1. Thermal/cooling methodology development

2. Thermal analysis, optimization and sign-off for SoC-PKG-PCB/3D-IC/interposer co-design.

3. CFD model generation and optimization.

4. Providing thermal design guidelines for SoC/ PKG/PCB/3D-IC/interposer design.

5. Providing thermal/cooling recommendations on pre-sales PKG/PCB/3D-IC proposals.



1. Master of Science is preferred with major of mechanical engineering / electrical / electronic engineering / aerospace engineering related.

Working Experience:

1. 1+ years of thermal analysis experience is a bonus.

2. 3D-IC/ Package / PCB development experience is a bonus.

Professional Knowledge:

1. Experience of System thermal analysis is preferred.

2. Familiar with CFD software, such as ANSYS / FloEFD/ StarCCM/ Flotherm/ Cadence.

3. Perform CFD analysis and evaluate thermal/ air flow solution.

Other Special Requirement:

1. Good communication of English.

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