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Internal Audit Contractor (5 months)

Internal Audit Contractor (5 months)
by Admin on 08-16-2022 at 1:45 pm

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TSMC’s Internal Audit function is an independent unit that reports directly to the Board of Directors. Besides informing the Board during its ordinary meetings, it briefs the Chairman, the Board Audit Committee, and the Operating Committee on a quarterly and on an as-needed basis.

The charter of Internal Audit is to review the internal controls in the company’s processes and to report on those controls with respect to the adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of their design as well as their actual functioning on a day-to-day basis. All parts of the company and its subsidiaries are open for review by Internal Audit.

Job Content:

  • Responsible for office administration work, including document management and logistics support.
  • Provide administrative assistance to internal auditor


  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Work carefully with positive attitude.
  • A good listener and executor.
  • Willingness to learn and grow.
  • Administrative work experience is preferred.
  • Jr. College or Bachelor’s degree.
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