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Server SOC Front End Design Automation Engineer

Server SOC Front End Design Automation Engineer
by Daniel Nenni on 08-20-2020 at 6:04 pm


Job Description
In this role responsibilities include, although not limited to:

Work with design teams, vendors and cross-functional DA teams to develop, maintain and support an XPG wide Design Automation (DA) infrastructure
Work closely with design and validation teams as well as DA tool providers for any technology evaluation and project design kit updates
Develop, maintain and support scripts/automation and user environments for design and validation teams including SOC integration, validation & FEBE flows and tools
Develop, maintain and support various scripts, automations and automated indicator generation for quality and efficiency checks
Develop inter-organizational multi-location working relationships with multiple engineering teams, Engineering Computing, and various IP/SOC teams to achieve KPIs, and provide timely response to user requests for help
Provide general direct user support and system administration assistance to users, including assistance with the installation and setup of design tool suites
Provide direct user-level experience characterization, flow/tool profiling, benchmarking against industry standards and enable a continuous improvement and scaling of internal Tool Flows Methodology practices.
Assist with the installation, maintenance and support of various EDA software system licensing

In addition to the qualifications listed below, the ideal candidate will also have:

Excellent teamwork
Strong communication skills
Interpersonal skills

You must possess the below minimum qualifications to be initially considered for this position. Preferred qualifications are in addition to the minimum requirements and are considered a plus factor in identifying top candidates.

Minimum Qualifications:

The candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science and 6+ years of experience -OR- a Master’s degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science and 4+ years of experience -OR- a PhD in Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science and 2+ years of experience in:

IT/Computing and shell scripting
Foundry design kits and skill code
Linux and Windows computer systems and networks for EDA-CAD and general applications (EDA-CAD systems administration)
Writing Linux shell scripts and general programming (e.g., Perl, shell, TCL and/or Python)
Compute server grid systems and server load balancing software
EDA vendor tools from Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor, etc.
Simulation, verification, regression and synthesis tools.
Automation and patch scripting including mentoring/training larger design team for continuous scaling and auto-checks
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The Silicon Engineering Group is a worldwide organization focused on the development and integration of SOCs, Cores, and critical IPs that power Intel’s leadership products. This business group leverages an incomparable mix of experts with different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and experiences to unleash the most innovative, amazing, and exciting computing experiences.

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