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Finished Goods Warehouse Assistant Engineer

Finished Goods Warehouse Assistant Engineer
by Admin on 03-15-2023 at 11:36 am

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1. Work with the stakeholders to complete finished goods on-time delivery by customer’s request.
2. Operate automated tools for productivity optimization and provide value argumentation via continued improvement for Finished Goods Warehouse (FGW) digital transformation developing.
3. Troubleshoot hardware and software problems and perform basic maintenance and repair of automated storage, transferring and packaging equipment.
4. Write work instruction and standard operating procedure (SOP) documents.
5. Other FGW related miscellaneous jobs, e.g. 6S, inventory management, documentation work, etc.




1. Bachelor degree.
2. 3 year or above experience in equipment maintenance, improvement and related engineering.
3. Able to day/night shift rotation and on duty on holidays.
4. Able to cross-site support for delivery requirements.
5. Physical demands associated with this position include extensive standing, walking, lifting & carrying heavy weighted materials (up to 11 kgs), lifting and transporting by hand.
6. Work overtimes on the first day after holiday may often be needed.
7. Positive attitude and problem-solving tendency to confront difficulties and challenges.
8. Good open communication skills, teamwork spirit and learning attitude.
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