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Emulation (Palladium)

Emulation (Palladium)
by Admin on 05-03-2023 at 11:39 am

Website Mobiveil

Job Description

  • Knowledge of CPU microarchitectures
  • Experience in deep submicron process technology nodes is strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of library cells and optimizations from ARM, TSMC, and other high performance library vendors
  • Solid understanding industry standard tools for FPGA and Emulation platforms
  • FPGA and emulator flows and methodologies
  • Verilog and SystemVerilog
  • Emulator platforms (Cadence Palladium), platform bringup, digital design, verification, debugging, and waveform viewers
  • Hardware emulators, such as Palladium, ZeBu, Veloce, or FPGA systems based on Xilinx or Altera FPGAs
  • Vivado, Incisive/VCS, IXCOM, Design Compiler, Synplify, Verdi, or SimVision
  • Emulation methodologies, including in-circuit emulation, hybrid systems, or simulation acceleration
  • Debugging system-level software
  • Programming skills in C and C++
  • Scripting in Python, Tcl, or Perl


  • C
  • C++
  • Perl
  • Tcl
  • Python
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To view the job application please visit mobiveil.com.

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