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DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer
by Admin on 02-26-2020 at 1:17 pm

Job ID #: 18155
Job Category: Software Engineering
Employment Type: Experienced Professionals
Division: Central Engineering – OSS
Department: Central Engineering OSS – Engineering
Primary Country: UK
Primary Location: Manchester

Job Description

Our team is responsible for developing and improving the software eco-system around Arm’s next generation of applications processors. This often involves working with processors and other hardware not yet available to the general public. Work is carried out on a range of development platforms, software-models, FPGAs and early silicon, sometimes many months before the processors are used in real products.

You will join a team of motivated and professional Software Engineers who all share a passion for wanting to stamp their mark on the future of computing, wherever it may lead. You will help Arm maintain its leadership in the embedded market, as well as playing an essential role in the opensource community (Linux kernel, Android, ChromeOS, Just-In-Time compilers, Firmware, IoT, models…)


In this key role you will be responsible for the development and improvement of an automated build and testing framework for our development team and you will ensure the quality of our development. This involves hands-on involvement in building, testing and benchmarking mobile embedded software, and also working alongside with the Android/Chromium/Windows teams on their development environment. You will also work closely with partners and OSS communities developing the same infrastructure and possibly participating in developer conferences and summits.

You will be flexible with a variety of software development skills and a commitment to extend the breadth and depth of their knowledge.

Are you passionate about making software that works better, runs faster and be simpler, using the latest and the greatest technologies and tools?

Essential Skills & Experience

  • Good interpersonal skills, and desire to fix root issues
  • Collaborative, team focus. Passion for and ability to work with software development teams releasing quality software
  • Ability to self-manage, self-motivates, and seeks process improvement opportunities with minimal supervision
  • Experience with a Linux development environment
  • Excellent programming skills in Python, Bash or similar scripting languages
  • Strong technical foundation in build, testing methodology and release environments
  • Experience with continuous integration and automation tools (i.e. Jenkins, LAVA, Puppet, Ansible, etc.)
  • Experience with version control systems, particularly distributed tools such as Git, and review tools (Gerrit,…)
  • Knowledge of developer tools; compilers, test frameworks, benchmarking, dynamic and static code analysis
  • Experience in dealing with big amount of data, finding bottlenecks and optimizations

Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Passionate about Linux and Open Source project development cycles / contribution processes and interested in new tools and techniques
  • Passionate programmer with understanding of embedded and mobile technologies
  • knowledge of Java, C and/or C++, ASM, cross-compilation,
  • Android build system, iOS, Windows
  • Arm development boards
  • Experience of software profiling, instrumentation and optimization
  • Experienced with UI web framework and databases
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