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Device Validation Manager

Device Validation Manager
by Admin on 05-01-2024 at 2:28 pm

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Pragmatic Semiconductor seeks a highly qualified and experienced leader to helm its Process Control Monitoring (PCM) efforts for integrated circuit (IC) production. As our Device Validation Manager, you will be a key point of contact for our production, modelling, and R&D teams as you lead the team specifying, developing, and performing measurements on the core devices in our technology. You will be responsible for establishing and implementing comprehensive testing strategies and analyzing data with rigorous precision. This is a critical role for safeguarding the exceptional quality and performance of our manufacturing process, and for shaping the future of Pragmatic Semiconductor.

Key Responsibilities

  • Command a proficient team: Foster a collaborative and performance-driven environment, providing technical guidance and mentorship to your device validation engineers.
  • Design the testing architecture: Architect and implement robust PCM plans tailored to specific ICs and their unique manufacturing stages, ensuring comprehensive data capture and meticulous analysis for continuous process optimization.
  • Manage the testing ecosystem: Oversee the execution of PCM tests across dedicated equipment and platforms, upholding operational efficiency and data integrity.
  • Unravel the data with precision: Analyse PCM results with a meticulous and analytical approach, identifying process deviations, performance anomalies, and root causes of failure, and leading timely corrective actions.
  • Champion innovation and automation: Gather business requirements and use them to target development of new measurement capabilities. Advocate for the adoption of new PCM methodologies and automation tools, leverage data insights to optimize processes, test infrastructure, and document best practices for sustained excellence.
  • Drive continuous improvement: In the device characterisation part of the role this means finding ways to measure with increasing accuracy and precision. Driving measurement quality and reducing test time while maintaining accuracy and the required precision. Developing business processes to ensure efficient turnaround of information.
  • Vendor Management: Communicate requirements with key equipment and material vendors; Work within and outside your team to arrange training, maintenance, and calibration of key equipment. Identify and evaluate new vendors: Conduct market research, participate in vendor selection processes, and ensure alignment with technical requirements for the relevant measurement.

Qualifications and training

Degree or postgraduate in electronics, engineering, or equivalent experience.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Proven experience in validation, with expertise in wafer testing and system-level validation & testing of semiconductor chips or FlexICs.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills. Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Experience using ATE equipment such as: Oscilloscopes, LCR meters, etc.
  • Demonstrable use of data analysis techniques and tools such as GRR
  • Confident writing software for one or more of the following: data-analysis, instrument control, querying databases.

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Experience using Advanced Test Equipment (ATE) such as oscilloscopes, LCR meters, and other relevant equipment for physical measurements.
  • Experience in quality assurance and documentation for semiconductor products.
  • Experience using MPI and/or TEL Probers and test system in ICs/FlexICs test environment
  • Proven ability to program in LabVIEW, Python, R, or another language.
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