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Career in Reconfigurable HW/SW Solutions

Career in Reconfigurable HW/SW Solutions
by Admin on 06-21-2023 at 2:34 pm

Website Flex Logix

If you’re interested in a career in reconfigurable HW/SW solutions, Flex Logix is right for you.

You can learn more and have more opportunities for growth at an innovative startup company like Flex Logix which is the leader in reconfigurable computing SW/HW solutions.

We have more than 60 patents and applications for inventions that give us a fundamental competitive advantage in programmable interconnects and reconfigurable tensor computing for AI and DSP.

Our technology is already working in >20 chips at dozens of customers and our market adoption is growing rapidly. Work with some of the biggest systems and chip companies in the world and some of the smartest SW/HW developers on our team.

You can work for us either in our Austin TX office or our Mountain View CA office.

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