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Business Co-Op- IUS

Business Co-Op- IUS
by Admin on 04-04-2023 at 3:13 pm

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Samtec offers a unique experience for students going through its co-op program. The program is designed to give students real-life experience in a multitude of business roles. Rotations will occur every 4-6 months, giving time to learn about the specific role/responsibilities, as well as gain professional skills.

Potential business rotations

Rotations for a business co-op could include, but not limited to:

Customer Service: Answer phone calls, online chats and emailed tickets from customers. Enter Purchase Orders sent from customers into Samtec’s system.

Pricing/Quoting: Provide pricing to customers based on their request. Use / determine the best strategy needed to offer a competitive price while maintaining good gross profit (GP).

Application Support: Provide Technical support to customers as well as assist in setting up customized parts to meet the customer’s needs.

Business Development: Work with FSEs, Industry Managers, and Global Account Managers on customer’s project(s). May also be asked to quote more advanced products/series.

 Marketing: Help with product design projects, website enhancements, and help gather information on Samtec’s distribution chain and competition.

 Vendor Relations: Work with all NON-BOM vendors to maintain Samtec expected service levels.

Molding: Managed work centers’ workload and scheduled production orders. Work with other Operation and Sales group based on escalations.

“The responsibilities are defined position-by-position. General guidelines for positions will be provided, prior to the associate rotating into the position. Associates will be asked to perform additional tasks” 

Required Experience

  • Excel reporting
  • Ability to stay focused on task at hand
  • Great work ethic.
  • Ability to work at fast pace and keep organized. Multi-tasking.
  • Must be able to work independently and in a team environment.
  • Accountability

Preferred Experience (These will all be needed if not already obtained)

  • Previous Business admin functions a plus
  • Efficient in Samtec Inventory Suite, QP, Outlook, Excel, and EPMS.
  • Vendor relations
  • Tableau / Crystal Reports

Required Education

  • High School Diploma or greater is required.
  • Working towards Business Bachelor’s Degree.
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