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Battery Engineer E-Mobility

Battery Engineer E-Mobility
by Admin on 06-29-2020 at 12:13 pm

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Job Summary:

Our client in Auburn Hills, MI is looking for a Battery Engineer E-Mobility.  This is a long-term contract position.

What You Will Do:

  •  This position offers those engineers with passion for battery development an immense opportunity in designing, testing, and engineering Cells, Modules and Packs including BMS engineering for automotive and commercial applications, Inc. is seeking qualified electrical and electrochemical engineers with 2+ years of experience to fill multiple positions in multiple locations for the highly competitive E-Mobility division.


  •  Strong knowledge in cell chemistry (LTO, NMC, NCA, LFP) and cell selection based on target application (performance, cost, safety, specific energy)
  •  Strong knowledge in working principles of a battery pack including design packs to meet a defined target requirements – such as maximizing specific energy yield from cell to pack.
  •  Strong knowledge in cell selection for a HEV, PHEV and EV applications
  •  Must able to develop design specification for a Battery pack (kWhr, Peak kW, c-rates, S-P arrangement, pack-factor, specific energy, energy capacity.etc)
  •  Strong designs skills in developing Battery architecture (cells, cassettes, modules and packs)
  •  Strong understanding of BMS design and implementation – Master slave, central etc.
  •  Strong understanding of BMS algorithm requirements and development of novel techniques for algorithm designs
  •  Must have strong knowledge in sensing, SOC, SOH, SOx, charge and discharge control, thermal management and design for DOD specifications
  •  Strong knowledge of testing batteries for UN, UL, IPC, SAE and FMVSS standards
  •  Must have high-voltage and battery safety experience
  •  Must be able to design and develop DVPV plans for battery cells, modules and packs to a given target certification standards
  •  Must be able to test batteries and be able to analyze data and develop design optimization process
  •  Must have a very good knowledge in battery thermal management such as intercellular cooling, direct cooing, bottom plate cooling etc.
  •  Must have experience in module balancing, pack balancing, test preparation, charging and discharging and implementation of safety for battery testing.
  •  Must have passion for battery design and development


  •  Candidates with Master’s and PhD degree are preferred
  •  Candidates should have degree in Electrical or Electrochemical Engineering
  •  Minimum 2 years of industry experience
  •  Proven track record and good references are preferred

What We Offer: 

  •  Competitive salary and benefits
  •  Employee discounts
  •  Free training on all Altair products
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