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ASIC Verification Engineer (IP)

ASIC Verification Engineer (IP)
by Admin on 07-11-2023 at 2:58 pm


  • Independently work on the verification of ASIC functional blocks in terms of verification plan, test bench building up, test case development, implementation, debugging, coverage collection and analysis
  • Contribute and work on Graphics Processor(GPU), Video Processor(VPU), Display Processor(DPU), DSP Processor(ZSP), Image Signal Processor(ISP) and Neural Network Processor(NPU).


  • Master’s or above degree in EE/CS related majors, working experience is unlimited.
  • Familiar with verification language (System Verilog) and ASIC verification flow.
  • Familiar with at least one scripting language: Perl, Perl, Shell, Tcl, Makefile …
  • Knowledge of processor, computer architecture, computer graphics, low power design, AI, ISP and video Processing is preferred.
  • Self-motivated and a good team player. Good communication skills in both Chinese and English in either listening, speaking, reading or writing.
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