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Applications Engineer, Sr II

Applications Engineer, Sr II
by Admin on 12-05-2023 at 4:56 pm

Website Synopsys

Job Description and Requirements

We are excited to offer an outstanding opportunity to join our dynamic and innovative product engineering team at Synopsys. As a member of our premier anchor product team, you will be contributing to the development and enhancement of cutting-edge products such as PrimeTime, PrimeShield and PrimeClosure. We are seeking motivated individuals who thrive on tackling challenging projects that offer company-wide visibility. This role presents a unique chance for engineers with a background in static timing to broaden their professional skill set while leveraging their existing expertise.


As a Product Engineer, you will collaborate closely with both our development team, field engineering team and customers to address complex technical challenges across various domains, including static timing analysis, design robustness, timing and power modeling, statistical analysis, and signal integrity analysis. Through innovative techniques and creative problem-solving, you will enable customers to accurately validate and apply these features to their high-performance and low-power designs. Your responsibilities will include:

– Collaborating with developers, field engineering team and customers to solve intricate technical challenges.
– Enhancing the capabilities of products by developing and implementing innovative techniques.
– Ensuring accurate validation and utilization of features on customers’ designs.
– Participating in technical benchmarks, methodology presentations, and demos to showcase the excellence of the promoted solution.
– Providing post-sales support, including customer tape-outs, training, and on-site assistance.
– Contributing customer inputs and vision to Synopsys R&D to drive product improvements and innovation.
– Developing skills in customer relationship management.

**Required Skills**

– BSEE/MSEE degree with 5~15 years of experience in timing sign-off, custom digital design, and cell design/characterization.
– Solid understanding of timing, statistical analysis, and front-end/back-end semiconductor manufacturing.
– Proficiency with industry-standard tools such as PrimeTime, PrimeShield, PrimeClosure(ECO), PrimePower, PrimeLib and Library Compiler.
– Familiarity with Spice tools like Hspice, FineSim, CustomSim, Eldo, and Spectre.
– Working knowledge of scripting languages like Unix Shell, Perl, and TCL.
– Self-motivated with excellent time management skills and the ability to work independently on technical problem-solving.
– Strong interpersonal and communication skills (prior PE/AE experience is a plus).

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