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A&MS Layout Design Engr, I

A&MS Layout Design Engr, I
by Admin on 12-05-2023 at 3:55 pm

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Job Description and Requirements

In this Role, you will be accountable for:

•Design and development of Transistor level analog and mixed signal layout.

•Device level floorplan, placement, routing, and physical verification.

•Troubleshoot Physical verification issues to get clean and desired results.

•Create layout review documentation and to follow all the quality checks and to ensure timely delivery.

Job Requirements

•Knowledge of Analog Layout Flow from Device placement till GDS release.

•Basic knowledge on various steps involved in layout design flow like Floorplan, device placement, routing, various physical verification steps, etc.,

•Sound knowledge in Electrical and Electronic fundamentals.

•Solid Knowledge in Semiconductor device physics, good knowledge of CMOS, FINFET technologies.

•Basic Knowledge of CMOS Fabrication technology and various steps involved in chip manufacturing.

•Basic Knowledge on Electro migration and other Reliability Concepts, ESD Concepts, etc.,

•Hands on knowledge in EDA tools for Custom Mixed signal layout flows is an added advantage.

•Passionate to learn and explore new techniques.

•Must be self-directed, detail oriented with good problem-solving skills and communication skills.

Apply for job

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