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2020 Graduate Power Solutions Engineer

2020 Graduate Power Solutions Engineer
by Admin on 03-30-2020 at 8:48 am

Job ID #: 18444
Job Category: Hardware Engineering
Employment Type: Graduates
Division: Central Engineering
Primary Country: UK
Primary Location: Cambridge

Job Description

Are you passionate about new technologies? Are you interested in contributing to push the boundaries of energy efficiency on innovative hardware IPs?

This is an incredible and rare opportunity to take part in a journey leading to more productive engineering with a specific focus on power solutions! Understanding power & energy challenges and finding ways to reduce their impact is our contribution to a greener world, keeping design for sustainability in mind. The Central Engineering Productivity Engineering Hardware group is at the forefront of solutions development for our hardware teams. You will join an international team of creative engineers working together to address the challenges of productive hardware design.
This role enables you to develop and investigate power analysis and optimization solutions, while including meaningful engineering communities for collaboration. You will have the opportunity to work with latest technology nodes, cutting edge EDA tools and to influence how we take energy into account for our hardware products.
A wide range of learning opportunities and challenges will be available! Through teamwork, training and dedication to personal development, we ensure that every graduate engineer learns about different aspects of our work and becomes knowledgeable in the field. You will also be given the opportunity, if desired, to travel and meet other teams you’ll be working with.


Responsibilities include

  • Qualifying latest EDA tools and develop a scalable infrastructure to perform power estimation or power analysis on a wide range of use cases.
  • Pursuing complex challenges such as new components of power to consider, with newest technology nodes.
  • Working with our engineering communities to prioritize important power-related items to address.
  • Supporting our engineering teams with deployed solutions.
  • Collaborating with EDA vendors to improve our power analysis and optimizations solutions whilst focusing on the ideal user experience
  • Capturing knowledge for energy & power topics, crafting tutorials and influencing the establishment of new processes.
You hold a university degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering or other relevant technical discipline.


Essential Skills

  • Ability to develop for others, taking on board external perspectives
  • Proficiency in scripting languages such as Python, TCL or Perl
  • An attention to detail and tenacity to chase down problems
  • Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Good analytical skills along with the ability for creative thinking
  • Ability to effectively work alone as well as in a team
  • A professional and enthusiastic approach to work

Desirable Skills

  • Familiarity with the entire IC design flow and knowledge of hardware description languages
  • Experience with power analysis
  • Understanding of challenges faced at the nanometer-scale
  • You bring relevant experience from the industry
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