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Off topic: Matt

Off topic: Matt
by Paul McLellan on 06-20-2012 at 8:12 pm

 This has pretty much nothing to do with EDA or semiconductor. OK, absolutely nothing. Years ago a friend pointed me at a video of a guy who used to be a video game designer (wait, a semiconductor connection) who decided to take his savings and travel the world. As he put it, “I wasn’t a very good video game designer. But I was good at travel.” He filmed himself dancing badly in front of famous places, put them together into a video and it went viral. A chewing gum company sponsored him to make two more, equally successful. Visa and paid him to make ads…

I was at TED in Palm Springs three years ago (the TED for people who are too poor and not nearly famous enough to go to the real one) and he was there for one of the token events that was live in Palm Springs and everyone in Long Beach had to watch on video feed. I talked to him at the party that evening. He said he was trying to travel less since he had a girlfriend so couldn’t just live on the road for months on end. But she became the producer and the story carried on.

Anyway, after two years in the making, the 2012 video was released today. It’s a huge undertaking when you compare it to the first original one. I suspect this will be the last one for some time. You’ll see why when you see him dancing in Seattle (his home town) in the last scene.

I don’t understand YouTube statistics: 7000 people already “like” it, 2000 people have commented, but apparently only 301 have seen the video.


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