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Published by Daniel Payne on 01-07-2011 at 6:00 am
Last updated on 05-16-2024 at 8:58 am

A Compilation of EDA and Semiconductor IP Company Mergers Listing All the Logos a Company Owns
This list is a compilation over many years of mergers and acquisitions in the EDA and Semi IP market. The original compilation was done by an individual (Ian Getreu [1]) and is not an official list associated with any company or organization. Companies that have not bought or merged with other companies are not included in the list.

There is no guarantee of accuracy or completeness. Mergers and acquisitions that were not announced via press releases are probably not included. We welcome any additions and corrections.

The original objective was simply to list the number of logos owned by a company. So, if company A bought company B and was then bought by company C, this would be listed via indentations as:

Company C

Company A​

Company B​

(****SO**** means a Spin-Out)

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Verigy (Announced July 4, 2011. Acquired for $1.1 billion.)​
Fluence Technology​​
xxx (California company)​
Tektronix’s Test Business​
​New Millenium Solutions Inc​
Integrated Measurement Systems​
NPTest (Completed acquisition May 28, 2004. Price was $660 million in cash and stock.)​
———> TSSI​



MIPS Technologies (November 5, 2012 – acquired 498 of 580 patents for $350 Million. Imagination Technologies Group acquired the remaining 82 patents for $60 Million. Processor architectures and cores for home entertainment, networking, mobile and embedded applications.)​
Chipidea Microelectronics SA (August 27, 2009 – $147 Million in cash. Chipidea had revenues of $32.8 M in revenues last quarter. RF, analog and mixed-signal circuit designs used for wireless, digital media, power management.)​


Alphawave IP Group

Precise-ITC (December 2, 2021. Ethernet and Optical Transport Network (OTN) IP)
OpenFive (March 14, 2022. High speed, connectivity SoC IP. $210 Million in cash.)
Banias Labs (October 13, 2022. Optical DSP chip developer. $240 Million.)


EM Software & Systems (Dec 10, 2013 – terms not disclosed. Acquires FEKO, an electromagnetic solver)​
Runtime Design Automation (September 28, 2017)
Concept Engineering (June 13, 2022 – terms not disclosed. StarVision, RTLvision, GateVision, SpiceVision, NIview, T-engine, S-engine, E-engine)


Right Track CAD​

XILINX  (FPGA vendor. Announced October 27, 2020. $35B deal stock transaction.)

Visual Software Solutions & formal-verification technology from Veriphia​
Hier Design​
​AutoESL Design Technologies – High level synthesis tools, acquired January 31, 2011
Falcon Computing Solutions (HLS compiler technology. Announced December 1, 2020.)​
Silexica (C/C++ programming and analysis for FGPA. Announced June 10, 2021.)



P.A. Semi (Processor design company. Announced April 2008 for $278 million.)​
Dialog Semi – partial (300 employees of Dialog join Apple, power management IP. $600 million. Announced October 10, 2018.)​



Transim (Acquired in August 2010. A service provider of online component design and engineering solutions for technology manufacturers. Terms not disclosed.)​


iNoCs (Announced October 19, 2017. Topology synthesis for Network On Chip. Terms not disclosed.)​
Magillem Design Services (Announced October 1, 2020, acquired assets most of 48 employees.)
Semifore (Announced January 10, 2023. Terms not disclosed. Hardware/Software Interface technology)



CadWorx Consulting​ (Announced January 24, 2000.)

ASML Holding NV (with these acquisitions ASML is now also in the EDA world)

Masktools Inc.​


Verilux Design Technology Inc​ (January 1, 1999)
Chip & Chip Technologies Inc​ (January 1, 1999)
Novo Systems Corp (formerly Zycad TSSI)​

BARCELONA DESIGN, INC (Out of business in March 2005. Spent $44M in venture capital, had Joe Costello as Board Member. Similar Analog IP technology as Sabio Labs, now part of Magma.)


SDA (Merged with ECAD in May 1988 to form Cadence. Solomon Design Automation – IC layout tools)​
ECAD (Merged with SDA in May 1988 to form Cadence. Dracula – DRC and LVS)​
​PDS (Phoenix Data Systems)​
Simon (Simulator)​
​Tangent Systems (Layout)​
Sedco (Schematic-symbol generation)​
Gateway Design Automation (1989, Verilog)​
​ASI (1990, PCB Layout)​
Helios (Thermal tool)​
Seed VHDL Environment (VHDL simulator – Leapfrog)​
Alta Group (ESDA)​
​Comdisco (ESDA) ——à SPW product line to CoWare​
​ST*AR (BONES network simulator)​
​Redwood (ESDA)​
Synthesia (Synthesis)​
​Systems & Networks Inc (Sales arm for Comdisco tools)​
Spectrum Services (Consulting)​
Advanced Microelectronics (Consulting)​
Columbia Design Center (Consulting)​
Unisys (STO) (Consulting – ASIC)​
HLD (IC Floor Planning)​
Cooper & Chyan Technologies (PCB and IC routing. 1997, $418MCEO interview)​
​UniCAD (Layout)​
​Valid​ (1991)
ADT (Analog Tools)​
GE (the division of GE that bought Calma)​
​Calma (Bought Comsat’s simulator business)​
​Comsat (Bought Tegas)​
​CCSS (Tegas Logic Simulator)​
​Tegas Inc (Tegas Support)​
​***SO*** IMS (Test)​
​Telesis (PCB layout, formed Allegro)​
Parsec (Timing analysis)​
Intermetrics (VHDL test suite)​
​Wyoming (?)​
Synthesia (RTL Synthesis)​
Symbionics Ltd. (Design consultants)​
Excellent Design Inc (Design consultants)​
EXD Technologies Inc. (Design consultants)​
Esperan (EDA Training)​
Detente (Software Development)​
Ambit Design Systems (Synthesis) (1998, $260M)​
Bell Labs Design Automation (1998, Simulation, Verification)​
Quickturn (1998, Emulation)​
Arkos Div of Synopsys​
PIE Design Systems​
Mitsui Bussan Digital’s emulation business​
​Design Acceleration Inc (DAI) (Simulation)​
***SO*** Alchemy (Design consulting)​
***SO*** Accent (Design services)​
Orcad (1999, PCB Design)​
​Datek (Acquired in 1993, VHDL to Schematics integration)​
EDA Bridge from T.E.A.M​
Q Point Technology (CIS features)​
Microsim (Analog simulation – PSPICE)​
Intelligent Systems (Japan Distribution)​
Massteck Ltd. (PCB Layout)​
ARS Microsystems (UK Distribution)​
​Diablo Research Company LLC (Design consultants)​
​***SO*** Tality (Design consulting)​
***SO*** SpinCircuit (brought back in)​
​——->SpinCircuit (Design Services)​
Westport Technologies (Design Services – Telecom)​
CadMOS (Signal Integrity)​
​Apres Technologies (assets)​
​Silicon Perspective Corp (Vitual Prototyping)​
​Plato Design Systems (IC Router)​
Simplex Solutions (Verification)​
Altius Solutions Inc​
Coyote Systems IP assets from Coventor Inc.​
IBM’s Design-for-Test Tools Business​ (2002)
Antrim Design Systems assets​
Celestry​ (2003)
Ultima Technology​
BTA Technology​
Meropa (renamed as Get2Chip)​
​K2 technologies Inc. (acquired May 7, 2003 – terms not disclosed. Products: K2-MaskCompose, K2-Chameleon, K2-QuickView. Technology came from TI.)​
Verplex Systems (acquired July 16, 2003 – terms not disclosed. Products: Conformal LEC logic equivalence checker, Conformal LTX logic transistor extractor, Conformal FPGA equivalence checker, Conformal LVR layout versus RTL, Conformal MEM memory equivalence checker, Conformal Datapath circuitry checker, and BlackTie.)​
Q Design Automation (Process migration)​
Neolinear (2004, AMS & RF)​
Verisity (2005, Test, was named InSpec)​
SureFire Verification Inc. (was named Silicon Sorcery)​
Axis Systems​
​Praesegus Inc (2006, DFM)​
CommandCAD (DFM)​
Invarium Inc (2007, Pattern synthesis)​
Clear Shape Technology (2007, DFM)​
Chip Estimate Corp (2008, IC planning and IP reuse)​
Beach Solutions​
​VCX Software Limited​
​Knowlent assets​
Nascentric (FastSPICE circuit simulator called AuSIM, parallel simulation, GPU-powered version. Acquired by Cadence in 2009, terms not disclosed)​
Taray (FPGA)​
Denali (Memory IP, acquired May 2010)​
Altos Design Automation (Library Characterization, Press Release: May 10, 2011)​
eTop Design Automation (Masco Physical Verifier, became known as PVS, Acquired in 2004)​
***SO*** ProPlus (people came from Celestry. Analog simulation)​
Azuro (Clock Concurrent Optimization, Press Release: July 12, 2011, amount not disclosed)​
SIGRITY (Announced July 2, 2012. Signal and Power integrity analysis. $80M deal.)​
Encore Technology (from Synopsys)​
​Cosmic Circuits (Announced February 7, 2013. IP products for: USB, MIPI, Audio, WiFi. Amount not disclosed.)​
Tensilica (Announced March 11, 2013. Configurable processor cores, dataplanes. $380M deal.)​
Evatronix, IP Business (Announced May 7, 2013. IP for USB, MIPI, display and storage controller. Amount not disclosed.)​
Forte Design Automation (Announced February 5, 2014. SystemC-based high-level synthesis (HLS) and arithmetic IP. Amount not disclosed.)​
CynApps (was named C2 Design Automation) merged with Chronology, Inc. in 2001 to form Forte.​
Arithmatica (Acquired in 2009. Terms not disclosed.)​
CynApps acquired Dasys in 2000 (HLS company from Pittsburgh)​
TranSwitch (high speed interface IP, acquired February 12, 2014, terms not disclosed)​
JASPER DESIGN AUTOMATION (formal analysis, acquired April 21, 2014 for $170M in cash.)​
Safelogic (Property Specification Language based formal verification, acquired January 12, 2005, terms not disclosed)​
Rocketick Technologies Ltd. (Announced April 11, 2016, terms not disclosed. Multicore parallel simulation for Cadence Incisive Enterprise Simulator)​
nusemi inc (Announced November 1, 2017, terms not disclosed. Semiconductor IP for SerDes.)​
AWR (Announced January 2020, acquired from National Instruments, $160 million in cash. Wireless RF software.)
Integrand Software (Announced Feb 2020, terms not disclosed. Analysis and extraction for 3D systems.)
InspectAR (Announced August 2020, terms not disclosed. AR viewing.)
NUMECA International (Computational Fluid Dynamics, announced January 20, 2021, terms not disclosed.)
Pointwise, Inc. (Computational Fluid Dynamics, announced April 15, 2021, terms not disclosed.)
Verifyter (Automatic regression failure debugger with ML, un-announced November 2, 2021. Terms not disclosed.)
Future Facilities (6Sigma Digital Twin simulator. Announced July 11, 2022. Terms not disclosed.)
OpenEye (Molecular simulation. Announced July 25, 2022. $500M in cash)
Pulsic (Analog IC layout automation. Announced May 22, 2023. Terms not disclosed.)
Rambus – SerDes, memory interface PHY IP (Announced July 20, 2023, terms not disclosed.)
Intrinsix (IC Design Services at CEVA. Announced September 20, 2023. Terms not disclosed.)
Invecas (IC Design Services, Announced January 8, 2024. Terms not disclosed.)
BETA CAE Systems (Multi-domain engineering simulation. Announced March 5, 2024. $1.24 billion in cash and stock.)
MunEDA (WiCkeD tools for process migration, sizing, verification. May 2024, no press release.)



Lineage Systems Inc​

​C LEVEL DESIGN (renamed from Compilogic)
Transmodeling Inc​


CEVA Created by merger of Parthus and the IP business of DSP Group (Announced April 5, 2002)​
RivieraWaves (Announced July 8, 20014. IP supplier of WiFi and Bluetooth. $19Million.)​

Intrinsix Corp (Announced May 11, 2021. $33M cash. Chip design and IP. )
RealSpace 3D Spatial Audio (Announced May 10, 2023. From VisiSonics Corporation, spatial audio IP.)


Memoir Systems (Semiconductor IP for ASIC memory. Announced September 18, 2014, amount not disclosed.)​



Cerberus Security Labs (IoT security IP. Announced November 10, 2022. Terms not disclosed.)


Fortive Corp.

TDA Systems​


MatrixOne (Announced March 2, 2006. $7.25 per share in cash, valued at $408 million.)​
Synchronicity Software​
IPinfraNET product from Cadence​
Elsys (electrical PLM, Products: electre, catelectre, smartelectre. October 26th, 2011 – terms not disclosed.)​
Tuscany DA (Acquired in December 2012, terms not disclosed. PinPoint, a web-based tool for task management.)​
CST (Announced July 21, 2016 for 220 M Euros. EM and electronics simulation: Studio Suite, Microwave Studio, Design Studio, EM Studio, Particle Studio, MPhysics Studio, Cable Studio, PCB Studio, Boardcheck, Antenna Magus, Optenni Lab.)​
CoupleFil (Software for designing cross-coupled filters, developed by InnoDev Gmbh. Announced October 5, 2015, amount not disclosed.)​
CAE Plus​



Beach Solutions​ (Announced Jan 20, 2009. EASI-VHDL, EASI-Verilog, EASI-GEN, EASI-P)​


Interactive Image Technologies (rename)​
Ultimate Technologies​


Chronology Division from Forte Design Automation​
Design Advance​

Accelerated Designs (Ultra Librarian, parts library. Announced August 2, 2016, amount not disclosed.)​




Mind NV​




Sonics Inc (Network on Chip IP supplier. Announced March 13, 2019. Terms not disclosed.)​

GATEFIELD (renamed from Zycad, August 1997)

Integrated circuit Applications (InCA)​
Silicon Solutions​
sold fault-acceleration to Ikos Systems​
​Attest Software Inc.​
ExperTest sold fault-simulation to Credence/TSSI, sold to Aspec​

GENEDAX (Out of business, February 14, 2000)

Expressive Systems Inc.​


Snowbush Electronics​
Mobiveil (Semiconductor IP and services. Acquired December 19, 2023.)




EEsof (Then spun out in 1999 as part of Agilent)​
Optimization Systems Associates Inc.​


Sirific Wireless​


Empyrean Software (Merged in 2011)​
Legend Design Technology (Acquired in May 2017. Private transaction. CharFlo-Memory, Model Diagnoser, Memory Diagnoser, MSIM Spice, Turbo-MSIM)​



Founded as VideoLogic (1985)​
Changed name to Imagination Technologies (1999)​
Ensigma (DSP IP for audio and speech processing. Announced March 23, 2000, up to £5.0 million, comprising £1.8m in cash and £3.2m in shares and shares under option.)​
Cross Products (Development tools for real-time embedded microprocessors and DSPs. Announced September 26, 2001 for £4.2 million, comprising £2.0 million in cash and £2.2 million in shares.)​
Caustic Graphics (Real-time raytracing technology. Announced December 14, 2010. $27 million deal.)​
MIPS Technologies (Processor IP company. Announced November 6, 2012. $60 million in cash, ownership of 82 patents.)​


Wind River​
CoFluent Design (CoFluent Studio EDA, acquired September 13, 2011, amount undisclosed, founded in 2003.)​
DOCEA Power (Aceplorer, Thermal Profiler, acquired July 31, 2015, amount undisclosed.)​
eASIC (Structured ASICs, announced July 12, 2018, terms undisclosed. NEW ASIC, eI/O, eRAM, bRAM, eTool, ePLD, eDebug, eMacroWare, eIP, eChip, eBIST, eMu are trademarks.)​



Harris EDA’s PC Board tools​


Lattice Semi – HDMI Design team (Announced July 31, 2017. Adds 150 R&D staff, labs and assets. Terms not disclosed.)​
Simplay Labs subsidiary (Announced July 31, 2017. HDMI compliance testing. Terms not disclosed.)​



Zilog (Announced December 7, 2009. Value of $62.4M.)​
Seattle Silicon Corporation (Concorde – a silicon compiler. Announced April 20, 1999. Value between $5M and $10M. Founded in 1983)​



Notion (Business analytics, software as a service. Acquired January 16, 2018, amount undisclosed.)​



Icinergy Software (assets)​


Micro Magic Inc.
—-> Spun back out

KEYSIGHT (SO from HP in 1999, SO from Agilent in 2014)

Microwave Design System (MDS)​
EEsof (Acquired by HP in 1993, Touchstone product) – EEsof technology and MDS merged to form Advanced Design System (ADS)​
Alphabit (Acquired in 1997) Momentum 3D planar EM field solver​
Eagleware (Genesys)​
Elanix (SystemVue)​
Xpedion Design Systems (July 28, 2006 – Terms not disclosed. GoldenGate RF IC simulation and analysis.)​
IC-CAP device modeling​
Accelicon: Model Builder Program (MBP), Model Quality Assurance (MQA), Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) (December 1, 2011 – Terms not disclosed. 30 people. SPICE model analysis for model quality assurance.)​
Gradient Design Automation (May 1, 2014 – electrothermal analysis with HeatWave. Terms not disclosed.)​
FDTD EM field solver technology from RemCom​
FEM Em field solver technology of complicated provenance​
Cliosoft (Process and  Design Management. Announced February 23, 2023, terms not disclosed.)

KEY ASIC (new name for Arcadia)



Automotive Analytics​

MAGWEL (3D co-simulation and extraction, founded April 2003)

Kimotion Technologies (Modeling, optimizing and verifying analog, RF and mixed-signal circuits. Announced March 2008, terms not disclosed.)​


Mainly embedded software but some ESL including HDL Coder and HDL Verifier​



K-WILL Corporation (September 6, 2006 acquired K-WILL Corporation, provider of video quality monitoring and video quality measurement. Video DNA technology. Terms not disclosed.)​
Analog Devices – Othello radio and SoftFone (September 10, 2007 acquired the Othello radio and SoftFone baseband chipset product lines for about $350M in cash.)​
MStar (August 14, 2012 merger with MStar through stock purchase. ASICs for LCD control, analog and digital TV, set-top box, mobile communications.)​
Richtek (September 7, 2015 announced Letter Of Intent to acquire Richtek Technology Corporation by purchasing common stock. Analog ICs, Power Management ICs.)​



Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc​



Coyote Systems​

METRICS TECHNOLOGIES (Cloud-based simulation)

Montana Systems (Hardware simulation acceleration. Terms not disclosed. June 25, 2018)​



(Spun back out from Juniper)​




Electronics Workbench​
AWR (High frequency tools, $58M, Announced on May 23, 2011)​
Accolade from I/Q Com Corp​
————–> SO as Visual System Simulator​
Oski Technology (Formal verification. Announced October 8, 2021, terms not disclosed.)


Zenasis Technology IP assets (Zenasis folds)​
OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. (IP for memory system, AI platform)
The Six Semiconductor (Memory PHY, acquired 2019, terms not disclosed.)


OHIO Design Automation Inc​


IDS Software Systems​
WAMA Technology from WaferYield Inc​
Si Automation SA​
Fabbrix Inc​
Syntricity (dataConductor – IC characterization and yield management as SaaS. Announced July 20, 2015. Terms not disclosed.)​



Methodics (Announced July 20, 2020.)

Missing Link Tools (EVOLVE – Agile framework for build, test, regressions. Terms not disclosed. May 31, 2012)​


Duet Technologies (was named Software & Technologies)​
CrossCheck Technology​
Aida (from Teradyne EDA)​
​Cascade Design​


Technology Solutions Inc (Pakistan)​
Entasys Design, Inc. (NavisPro – RTL floor planning, ​TRASTA – critical path analyser. Acquired June 25, 2021, terms not disclosed.)


LEDA Systems Inc.​



Rapid Bridge (LiquidCell Library, announced June 13, 2011. Terms not disclosed.)​
Arteris (Rights to license FlexNoC, FlexLLI. Acquired IP design team. Announced October 31, 2013. Terms not disclosed.)​


Snowbush (High performance serial link IP. Acquired June 7, 2016. $32 million.)​
Inphi (Memory Interconnect Business. Announced June 30, 2016. $90 million, cash.)​
PLDA (IP for CXL and PCIe. Announced June 16, 2021. Terms not disclosed.)
AnalogX (IP for SerDes. Announced June 16, 2021. Terms not disclosed.)
Hardent, Inc. (IP and design services. Announced May 5, 2022. Terms not disclosed.)


ALTIUM (PCB software. Announced February 15, 2024. A$9.1B cash.)

NeuroCad Inc.​

Logical Devices​
INCASES Engineering GmbH​
Protel International​
​Accolade Design Automation​
MicroCode Engineering​
Accel Technologies​
​Bought P-CAD and the Altium name from IBM​
​(IBM sold mechanical CADAM to Dassault Systemes)​
Changed name from CADAM to Altium​
​After IBM sold its mechanical CADAM mainframe and workstation business to Dassault Systemes, the company changed its name from CADAM, Inc to Altium in order to avoid confusion with the product name CADAM. The remaining parts of the firm were Microcadam, IBM CAD, P-CAD and a joint venture in Japan. After the mechanical businesses split off, IBM sold Altium to Accel Technologies in 1995. Protel International acquired Accel in 2000 and in 2001 changed its name to Altium Limited​
​Green Mountain Design Automation​
ICS Interactive (Innovative CAD Software)​
Metamor Software​
Tasking BV​
​Morfik Technology​


NP-Komplete Technologies (May 3, 2012 – terms not disclosed)​

Intrinsix Inc​


Silex Insight (Security business, security IP cores. November 3, 2023. Terms not disclosed.)


Analog Bits (Mixed-signal IP. Announced March 24, 2022. Terms not disclosed.)


CMC (Compact Modeling Council. Announced May 31, 2013. Terms not disclosed.)​



Mentor Graphics (Acquired November 14, 2016. $47.25 per share in cash, $4.5B)​
CADI (Board Layout)​
Caedent (Logic Simulator)​
Contour/Acotech (Analog Libraries)​
Synergy Dataworks (Hardware accelerator)​
Context (Documentation)​
Trimeter (Synthesis)​
Tektronix CAE (CAE)​
VR Info Systems (Standard Cell Layout)​
CAE Systems (CAE)​
Tektronix CASE (CASE)​
Performance CAD (Timing analyzer)​
Parade (Small FPGLA)​
Checklogic (ATPG)​
Silicon Compiler Systems (SCS)​
Silicon Design Labs (Generator Development Tools, Lsim)​
SCI (Silicon Compilers Inc – Genesil)​
Caeco (CAE)​
Descartes (P&R)​
EDC (Silvar-Lisco’s European R&D)​
TI (CheckMate – LVS, MaskPE – LPE)​
​Anacad (Analog simulation)​
EES (Analog simulation)​
Egypt Model Technology (Analog modeling)​
Axiom Daterer Skandinavien (Schematic-symbol generation)​
AXIOM Design Automation (Acquired January 1, 2013. Functional verification tools.)
Meta-Systems (Logic emulation)​
Microtec Research (1995, Embedded systems)​
Hunter & Ready (Real-time OS software)​
ONE (Network management tool)​
Precedence (Backplane)​
Zeelan Technology (Signal Integrity Models, Announced January 15, 1996.)​
—————-> Z2 Consulting LLC (SO)​
Integrity Engineering (Signal Integrity Simulation)​
3Soft (Digital models and IP, Announced January 15, 1996.)​
MEJ Electronics (renamed 3Soft in 1992)​
CoSoft (PC Schematic Entry)​
SETO Software GmbH (PCB layout)​
Interconnectix (Interconnection synthesis)​
Royal Digital Centers Inc (PCB – manufacturing links)​
dQdt (DSP function blocks)​
Systolic Technology Ltd. (Telecomm blocks)​
Open Networks Engineering (Telecomm blocks)​
CAE Technology Inc. (Peripheral controllers blocks)​
CLK Computer-Aided Design Inc. (Timing-driven placement & optimization)​
OPC Technology (Optical proximity correction software)​
VeriBest (1999, PCB design, part of Intergraph)​
M&S Computing​
Daisy Systems​
HHB Softron​
​—————> Physical Library Division to Virage Logic​
Escalade (ASIC HDL graphical design tools)​
Descon Informationssysteme GmbH (Product Data Management)​
HLS (High-level synthesis)​
CADIX ECAD Division (Printed Circuit Board)​
Model Technology (VHDL Simulator)​
Exemplar (Digital Synthesis)​
Harness Software Group (Harness Software)​
SpeedGate Design Automation (Emulation)​
Capital H (Wire Harness)​
Accelerated Technology (2002, RTOS)​
Ikos (Hardware Emulation)​
Racal Redac (VHDL Simulator)​
Virtual Machines​
​Delsoft (India)​
​Deerbrook Systems​
​Innoveda (2002, Systems)​
​Summit —————————> Summit Design​
TSSI ——————-> Credence​
SEE Technologies​
TriQuest Design Automation​
Simulation Technologies​
Transcendent Design Technology​
​PADS Software​
ACT (Advanced CAM Technologies)​
​Assets of DDE-EDA A/S, (PCB packaging)​
Alcatel’s Ethernet & MAC IP business (IP)​
FirstEarth (Wiring)​
Project Technology (2004, UML tools)​
0-in Design Automation (Verification)​
Atair GmbH (Compiler)​
Palmchip Parallel & Serial ATA IP business (IP)​
EverCAD Software (Fast SPICE simulator)​
Volcano Communications Technologies (Automotive network design tools)​
Aptix (Emulation)​
————————————— Cre8Ventures (UK company supporting users)​
Summit Design (ESL)​
SpiraTech Ltd (ESL)​
Sierra Design Automation (2007, Place & Route)​
NXP Semiconductor DFT tools and people​
Assets of Ponte Solutions Inc (DFM)​
Flomerics Group (2008, CFD – Thermal analysis)​
C Synthesis assets of Agility Design Solutions​
Catalytic (name change)​
Celoxica Holdings ESL business​
Logicvision​ (2009, test tools.)
Embedded Alley Solutions​
Zeland (3D field solver)​
Virtual Garage (from Freescale) (Automotive tradeoffs)​
Valor Computerized Systems Ltd (PCB)​
Pextra (3D Field Simulation, acquired in 2009)​
Pyxis (Custom IC routing, acquired Q3 2010)​
Expert Dynamics Ltd (simulation of vibration, heat transfer, fatigue, and Highly Accelerated Life Testing lab tests of electronic circuit boards for the detection and correction of design faults. March 22, 2010)​
CodeSourcery Inc assets (Open-source tool chains for system development, acquired Dec 10 , 2010)​
Flowmaster Group (computational fluid dynamics simulation software, terms not disclosed, announced January 9, 2012)​
Z Circuit (library characterization, terms not disclosed, never announced, June 2012)​
MontaVista, auto infotainment software unit (Linux-based automotive In Vehicle Infotainment, terms not disclosed, announced February 21, 2013)​
Oasys Design Systems (RealTime Floorplan Compiler. Asset acquisition, December 13, 2013. Terms not disclosed.)​
Picea (AUTOSTAR development suite assets acquired. Announced January 31, 2013. Terms not disclosed.)​
Berkeley Design Automation (Analog FastSPICE circuit simulator. Announced March 21, 2014. Terms not disclosed.)​
Veridae (ASIC/FPGA prototyping debugging, first acquired by Tektronix and announced July 5, 2011. Certus product acquired by Mentor around January 6, 2014. Terms not disclosed.)​
Nimbic (3D EMI Analysis tool. Company name was formerly Physware. Announced May 20, 2014. Terms not disclosed.)​
XS Embedded Gmbh (Automotive embedded systems. Announced July 8, 2014. Terms not disclosed.)​
Flexras Technologies (Technology for prototyping, validation and debug. Announced January 13, 2015. Terms not disclosed.)​
Tanner EDA (Acquired by Mentor Graphics, March 3, 2015. Terms not disclosed.)​
CALYPTO (Acquired September 16, 2015. Terms not disclosed. Catapult for High Level Synthesis, Calypto SLEC for Sequential Logical Equivalency Checking, PowerPro for power optimization at the RTL level)​
Catapult C (Spin out from Mentor Graphics, August 26, 2011, amount not disclosed)​
Galaxy Semiconductor (Test data analysis and defect reduction software for semiconductors: Examinator-Pro, Yield-Man, PAT-man. Announced October 10, 2016. Terms not disclosed.)​
Infolytica Coproration (Announced September 21, 2017. Low frequency EM simulation: MotorSolve, MagNet. Terms not disclosed.)​
Solido Design Automation (Announced November 20, 2017. Terms not disclosed. Variation-aware design and characterization software.)​
Sarokal Test Systems Oy (Announced February 7, 2018. Test solutions for fronthaul networks with links between centralized radio controllers and the radio heads at the “edge” of a cellular network. Terms not disclosed.)​
Austemper Design Systems (Announced June 22, 2018. Fault simulation technology, safety analysis, auto-correction. Terms not disclosed.)​
COMSA Computer und Software GmbH (Announced December 23, 2018. LDorado suite for electrical systems design and wire harness engineer. Terms not disclosed.)​
OneSpin Solutions (Acquired April 15, 2021. formal assertion-based verification tools. Acquired January 24, 2011 by Azini Capital.)
UltraSOC (IP for instrumentation and analytics. Announced June 23, 2020. Terms not disclosed.)
Avatar (APR tools, announced July 15, 2020)
proFPGA products (Announced June 8, 2021, products acquired from PRO DESIGN Electronic GmbH. FPGA Prototyping.)
Avery Design Systems (Verification IP, announced November 2, 2022. Terms not disclosed.)
Insight EDA (Circuit reliability, announced November 1, 2023, terms not disclosed.)


Acacia Semiconductor SA​


Silvar Lisco​
Quality I.C.​


Simucad (Spin-out from Silvaco in 2006, merged back into Silvaco, Inc. in February 2010)​
Invarian, Inc (Static and dynamic IR drop analysis, electromigration verification. Acquired on March 19, 2015. Terms not disclosed.)​
Infiniscale (Fast Monte-Carlo, high sigma analysis, standard cell verification. Acquired on December 15, 2015. Terms not disclosed.)​
edXact (Parasitic reduction technology: Jivaro, Viso, Belledonne. Acquired on June 2, 2016 a majority stake. Terms not disclosed.)​
IPextreme (Semiconductor IP management. Acquired June 3, 2016. Terms not disclosed.)​
Paripath (Characterization software. Announced June 14, 2017.)
SoC Solutions (Semiconductor IP and services. Announced June 15, 2017. Terms not disclosed.)​
NanGate (IP library creation tools and services. Announced March 5, 2018. Terms not disclosed.)​
Coupling Wave Solutions S.A. (System-level interference analysis. Announced September 9, 2020.)
Dolphin Design SAS (Memory compiler technology. Announced November 12, 2020.)
Polyteda Cloud LLC (Cloud-based physical verification. Announced January 21, 2021.)



ARM (Announced July 17, 2016. Processor IP and operating systems. $32 Billion.)​​

Adelante Technologies (Announced July 23, 2003. Terms not disclosed.)

Philips Semiconductor DSP Division​
Frontier Design​

Axys Design Automation​
Artisan Components (Announced August 23, 2004. Renamed from VLSI Libraries)​
Mentor Graphics’ Physical Product Line​
Synopsys Physical Libraries Business​
NurLogic design​
Obsidian Software (17 June 2011)​
Prolific Inc. – IC design optimization tools: ProGenesis, ProTiming, ProPower, ProDFMOptimizer. Founded in 1995 by Dr. Paul de Dood. Acquired November 1, 2011, terms not disclosed.​
Geomerics (Lighting technology for gaming and entertainment. Announced December 13, 2013. Terms not disclosed)​
Duolog Technologies (Socrates platform to configure IP for import into EDA tools. Announced May 29, 2014. Terms not disclosed.)​
Wicentric (Bluetooth Smart stack and profile. Announced April 16, 2015. Terms not disclosed.)​
Sunrise Micro Devices (Sub-one volte Bluetooth radio IP. Announced April 16, 2015. Terms not disclosed.)​
Sansa Security (Hardware security IP. Announced July 30, 2015. Terms not disclosed.)​
CARBON (Acquired October 20, 2015. Cycle-accurate virtual prototyping models. Terms not disclosed.)​
Axys (from ARM)​
Apical (Embedded computer vision. Announced May 18, 2016. Price of $350M.)​
Allinea Software (Software tools for HPC: Allinea Forge, Allinea DDT, Allinea Map. Announced December 16, 2016. Terms not disclosed.)​
Simulity (SIM OS and eUICC SIM OS for standard SIM and eUICC secure elements. Announced July 4, 2017. £12m.)​
ChaoLogix (Acquired February 7, 2018. Chaogate with two inputs, one output for security against DPA and DEMA attacks. Terms not disclosed.)​
Stream Technologies (Announced June 12, 2018. Connectivity on IoT devices. Terms not disclosed.)​
Treasure Data (Leaked July 29, 2018. Data analytics firm, deal may be worth $600M.)​

Space Codesign


Right to sell ASC tools​


OSI (spin-out from GE)​
Zycad’s simulator​ (1990)
​(Data I/O​
​Compiled Designs​ (1993, VHDL modeling and simulation.)
SC High Tech (Japanese distributor)​
CADIS​ (1994, DSP design tools.)
Logic Modeling​ (1994, software models and hardware modeling.)
Silicon West​
​Arcad​ (1994, VHDL models for telecom.)
Silicon Architects​ (1994, structured ASIC design IP.)
Arkos Design​ (1995, logic emulation.)
Excelsior Research (investment, not purchase)​
EPIC Design Technology​ (1997, timing, power, reliability simulation.)
Archer Systems​ (1995. Arcadia – RC Extractor.)
Cida​ Technology, Inc. (1996. Cedar – layout verification.)
​VLSI Libraries (10% stake, not ownership)​
Viewlogic (1997, Schematic capture and simulation.)
Racal-Redac parts​
Quad Design​
Sunrise Test​
​Chronologic Simulation​
EDAS Europe BV, The CAE Co. BV​
Transfer Electronic Design Support​
Eagle Design Automation​
​Radiant Systems​ (1998, simulation optimization.)
Everest Design Automation​ (1998, shape-based, top-level routing.)
CoverMeter​ (1999, Verilog code coverage.)
Smartech Oy​
Gambit Automated Design​ (1999, gate-array layout.)
Apteq​ (1999, Verilog analog simulation.)
Stanza​ (1999, deep submicron IC design)
Systems Science​ (1998, simulation and test.)
VirSim​ (2000, HDL debugger.)
LEDA S.A.​ (2000, AMS IP.)
The Silicon Group​ (2000, IC design services.)
C Level Design Inc assets (2001, not the company)​
Avant!​ (2002, IC design tools)
Arcsys + ISS (Merger announced August 22, 1995 forming Avant!)​
​Anagram (Star-Sim circuit simulator)​
Meta-Software (HSPICE circuit simulator)​
MasterToolBox company​
​Frontline Design Automation (Purespeed, acquired in 1996)​
——————–> AvanWise​
CLSI Solutions​
​——————–> Galax!​
Technology Modeling Associates (TMA)​
​Datalink Far East Ltd.​
Arcus Technology​
ACEO Technology​
Xynetics Design Systems​
Harris EDA (rename)​
​Chrysalis Symbolic Design​
Analogy (Saber – simulator, MAST – modeling language, acquired in 2000)​
Symmetry Design​
​inSilicon​ (2002, USB IP.)
Phoenix Technologies (spun out InSilicon)​
RAVIcad (renamed as Virtual Chips)​
​Co-Design Automation​ (2002)
Numerical Technologies Inc.​ (2003, mask data preparation.)
Transcription Enterprises Ltd.​
Cadabra Design Automation​
​Qualis verification IP assets​ (2003)
InnoLogic Systems Inc.​ (2003, memory and full-custom equivalence checking)
Analog Design Automation​ (2004, AMS circuit optimization.)
Accelerant Networks​ (2004, SerDes IP.)
Memory BIST Division of iRoC Technologies​ (2004)
Integrated Systems Engineering (ISE, 2004, DFM)​
MoSys (Announced February 24, 2004, $432 million in stock and cash, deal terminated. Embedded memory.)
Monterey Design Systems (assets, 2004, RTL to GDS II.)​
Aristo Technology​
​Cascade Semiconductor Solutions (2004, also known as Cascade IP, PCIe IP)​
LEDA Design (2004, assets, digital and mixed-signal IP)​
Nassda​ (2005, Circuit simulator)
TriCN (2005, I//O and SerDes IP.)
The staff of Zeta Infotech​
HPL Technologies​ (2005, design to silicon flow.)
—————– Encore technology (sold to Sigrity)​
​Virtio​ (2006)
Sigma-C AG​ (2005)
ArchPro Design Automation​ (2007)
MOSAID Semiconductor IP assets​ (2007)
Sandwork Design Inc​ (2007, AMS verification.)
Synplicity​ (2008, FPGA Synthesis, $223 million.)
Iota Technology Inc signal integrity & power analysis technology​
Bridges2Silicon Inc.​
HARDI Electronics AB​
​ProDesign’s CHIPit Business Unit​
MIPS Technologies Analog Business Group​ (2009)

ChipIdea Microelectronica SA​

TeraRoute (January 1, 2009. Router.)
​VaST Systems Technology Corporation (Announced Feb 2, 2010, terms not disclosed)​
Gemini Design Automation (GSim – a SPICE circuit simulator. Reported March 11, 2010. Terms not disclosed. Founded in 2005.)​
CoWare Inc (announced Feb 8, 2010, terms not disclosed)​
Comdisco SPW product line (from Cadence)​
LisaTek Inc​
​ZeroSoft (Accelerated logic simulation. March 2010)​
Virage Logic Corp (Announced June 10, 2010 for $315 million. Semiconductor IP.)​
Mentor Graphic’s Physical Library Division​
Impinj NVM IP business​
ARC INTERNATIONAL PLC (Announced August 18, 2009. Semiconductor IP – Processors.)​
Alarity Corporation (September 23, 2007. Codec software, firmware.)​
Sonic Focus (February 11, 2008. Audio enhancement technology for digital sound)​
ARC Cores​
Tenison Technology EDA Ltd. (June 14, 2007. Software tools for SoC design.)​
MetaWare (June 17, 2002.)​
VAutomation (June 17, 2002.)​
Precise Software Technologies (June 17, 2002.)​
NuSym Technology (Announced June 28, 2010. Terms not disclosed. Intelligent testbench technlogy.)​
NXP Semiconductor IP​
Synfora assets​ (2010, C/C++ HLS.)
Esterel Studio from Esterel EDA Technologies (France)​
Optical Research Associates​ (2010, optical design software)
nSys (Verification IP, September 2, 2011, price not disclosed)​
Extreme DA (Acquired October 6, 2011, terms not disclosed. Statistical Static Timing Analyzer – GoldTime)​
MAGMA DESIGN AUTOMATION (Acquired November 30, 2011. Priced at $507M or $7.35 per share.)​
Aplus Design Technologies​
Silicon Metrics (2003, $32M)​
Random Logic (2003, $25M)​
Mojave Design​
ReShape (assets)​
Knights Technology (from FEI)​
Rio Design Automation​
Sabio Labs​
ExpertIO (Announced January 23, 2012. Verification IP. Terms not disclosed.)​
Inventure (Announced January 24, 2012. A subsidiary of Zuken, Japan. Interface IP. Terms not disclosed.)​
Luminescent Technologies (Computational defect management. February 2012)​
RSoft Design Group (Announced May 9, 2012. Photonics design and simulation software. Terms not disclosed.)​
Ciranova (Announced July 30, 2012. Analog IC layout automation tools: Helix, PyCell, Pyros Viewer. Terms not disclosed. Blog by Daniel Payne.)​
SPRINGSOFT INC (Announced August 3, 2012. $305M cash deal. Blogs by Daniel PaynePaul.)​
Novas Software​
Silicon Canvas​
EVE (Announced October 4, 2012. Emulation. Terms not disclosed.)​
Tharas Systems (Announced January 3, 2007. Hardware accelerators. Terms not disclosed.)​
Target Compiler Technologies (Announced February 7, 2014. Application specific instruction-set processors ASIPS. Terms not disclosed.)​
Coverity (Announced February 19, 2013. SAVE – Static Analysis Verification Engine. Price of $375 Million.)​
Brandenburg GmbH (LucidShape – automotive and general lighting. Announced February 2014)
Kalistick (Announced May 15, 2014. Cloud-based software QA.)
AMD IP Group (Announced September 18, 2014. Some 150 engineers doing interface and foundation IP are now acquired by Synopsys.)​
Codenomicon (Announced April 20, 2015. Terms not disclosed. Software security products to extend Coverity.)​
Quotium product Seeker (Announced May 28, 2015. Terms not disclosed. Interactive Application Security Testing – IAST.)​
ATRENTA (Announced June 7, 2015. Terms not disclosed. SpyGlass, GenSys and BugScope tools)​
New name for @HDL​
NextOp Software Inc. (assertion synthesis, June 20, 2012 – terms not disclosed)​
Elliptic Technologies (Announced June 29, 2015. Terms not disclosed. Cryptography cores, embedded security IP.)​
Silicon Vision – IP Group (Announced July 16, 2015. Terms not disclosed. Bluetooth Smart radio IP for Bluetooth 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2.)​
Protecode (Announced November 6, 2015. Terms not disclosed. Detect and manage Open Source Software for license and security risks.)​
Goanna Software (Announced December 18, 2015. Static source code analysis tools. Terms not disclosed.)​
WinterLogic (Announced March 2, 2016. Fault simulation used in automotive, safety and security environments. Terms not disclosed.)​
Simpleware (3D scan data into models. Announced May 17, 2016. Terms not disclosed.)​
Gold Standard Simulations (Announced May 23, 2016. TCAD, PDK development. Products: Enigma, DTCO, Mystic, RandomSpice, Garand, ConnecTCAD. Terms not disclosed.)​
Cigital, Codiscope (Announced November 7, 2016. Security signoff software. Terms not disclosed.)​
Forcheck b.v. (Fortran static code analysis, announced January 10, 2017. Terms not disclosed.)​
QuantumWise (Announced September 18, 2017. TCAD tools for materials modeling in early process development. Terms not disclosed.)​
Sidense (Announced October 17, 2021. OTP NVM IP.)
Black Duck Software (Announced November 2, 2017. Managing Open Source Software. $565 million paid.)​
Kilopass Technology (Announced January 10, 2018. One-time programmable non-volatile memory IP. Terms not disclosed.)​
PhoeniX B.V. (Announced February 8, 2018. Terms not disclosed. Integrated photonics, microfluidics, MEMS, printed electronics.)​
Silicon and Beyond Private Limited (Announced March 21, 2018. Terms not disclosed. High-speed SerDes IP.)​
Qtronic Gmbh (Simulation, test tools for automotive. Announced August 6, 2019. Terms not disclosed.)
eSilicon (Memory and HBI IP. Announced November 11, 2019. Terms not disclosed.)
DINI Group (FPGA-based prototyping boards. Completed November 15, 2019. Terms not disclosed.)
Tinfoil Security (Announced January 8, 2020, terms not disclosed. DAST and API testing.)
INVECAS (IP acquired. Announced February 13, 2020.)
Terrain EDA (Announced February 23, 2020, terms not disclosed. SystemVerilog)
Qualtera (Big-data analytics. Announced June 10, 2020.)
Dorado Design Automation (ECO tweaking, not announced in the press, June 2020.)
Moortec (PVT monitoring in-chip. Announced November 11, 2020.)
Light Tec (Optical scattering measurements. Announced November 19, 2020.)
MorethanIP (IP for Ethernet digital controllers. Announced April 12, 2021.)
BISTel software for Semiconductor and Flat Panel yield optimization (Announced June 21, 2021.)

Concertio Inc. (AI-powered performance optimization software. Announced November 1, 2021.)
WhiteHat Security (Dynamic Application Security Testing. Announced April 27, 2022. $330 million cash.)
FishTail Design Automation (Announced September 27, 2022. Golden timing constraints.)
Silicon Frontline (Power devices, EM/IR, ESD. Announced April 11, 2023
PikeTec (Announced August 23, 2023. Automotive software testing, verification.)
Imperas (Instruction set simulator, Virtual platforms, RISC-V verification. Announced December 13, 2023. )
Maxeda (Never announced. 2023 deal. Floor planning.)

ANSYS (Engineering simulation and analysis. Announced January 16, 2024. $35 billion deal.)

Ansoft (Acquired in 2008)​
MacNeal-Schwendler Corp. (Electronics Business Unit)​
Compact Software Inc.​
Boulder Microwave Technologies​
Pacific Numerix Inc.​
Agilent’s High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS)​
​Apache Design Solutions (Acquired June 29, 2011 for $310 Million in cash)​
Optimal Corp​
Sequence Design (Acquired September 8, 2009)​
​Frequency Technology​
Sente Technology​
Sapphire Design Automation​
Posedge Inc​
Newmerical Technologies International (Acquired February 4, 2015. Assets acquired, terms not disclosed. In flight icing simulation software.)​
Gear Design Solutions, Inc. (Acquired June 8, 2015. Big data analystics, terms not disclosed.)​
Delcross Technologies (Acquired September 2, 2015. EM software for RF analysis of antennas, terms not disclosed. EMIT, Savant, Signa.)​
CLK DESIGN AUTOMATION (Acquired March 17, 2017. Timing variation analysis, FX for transistor model and simulation. Terms not disclosed.)​
Synchronous Design Automation​
Computational Engineering International (Acquired July 11, 2017. Post-processing of CFD data with ENSIGHT. 28 employees. Terms not disclosed.)​
KPIT Medini Technologies AG (Acquired November 2016. System safety analysis.)
Computational Engineering International (Acquired July 11, 2017. Analyze, communicate, visualize engineering data.)
OPTIS (Acquired March 22, 2018. Scientific simulation of light, human vision and physics-based visualization.)
DfR Solutions (Acquired assets on May 1, 2019. Sherlock automated design reliability analysis software.)
Helic (Acquired January 21, 2019. Electromagnetic crosstalk software for SoC design. 50+ employees. Terms not disclosed.)​
LS-DYNA (Acquired September 11, 2019. Explicit dynamics and other advanced finite element analysis technology.)
Lumerical (Acquired April 1, 2020. Photonic simulation.)
Diakopto (Acquired May 16, 2023. Parasitic analysis.)
Intrinsic ID (Physical Unclonable Function. Announced March 20, 2024. Terms not disclosed.)
–> Software Integrity Unit (Announced May 6, 2024. Value of $2.1 billion.)





Arexsys SA​
Techniques Nouvelle d’Informatique SA (TNI)​
iModl Inc​
​MorethanIP (Acquired April 12, 2021. Ethernet Digital Controller IP.)
Sold by Valiosys​


Tanner EDA (Acquired by Mentor Graphics)​


Aida (ATPG, HW & SW simulation, STA. Announced November 3, 1987. Purchased with 1.8 million shares of Teradyne stock.)​
Case Technology (Schematic capture, PCB layout, simulation)​
GenRad (HILO logic simulator, ATE equipment. Announced August 2, 2001. $260M value in stock conversion.)​


Verific Design Automation

INVIO Product Line (Announced June 12, 2017. Terms not disclosed. C++ or Python API on top of SystemVerilog and VHDL.)​



Vivante Corporation (Announced October 12, 2015. All stock transaction. GPU and vision image processing.)​



Javelin EDA​
Shunyao CAD (ShunSim – logic simulator. Acquired September 26, 2022. Terms not disclosed.)


HHB Softron​
​Incases Engineering GmbH​
INCASES North America Inc.​
​CIM-Team GmbH​
Intedis Automotive harness product (Acquired October 31, 2014. Terms not disclosed.)​
Vitech Corporation (Acquired January 29, 2019. Terms not disclosed. Model-Based Systems Engineering, GENESYS product.)​



Silicon Solutions​


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