TSMC @ #54DAC!

TSMC @ #54DAC!
by Daniel Nenni on 06-16-2017 at 9:00 am

TSMC has been an ardent supporter of DAC for the last 18 years which has brought in the other foundries because, as the industry leader, wherever TSMC goes the other foundries naturally follow. The exception of course is Intel Custom Foundry because they march to the beat of a different drummer, if you know what I mean. The CoFluent… Read More

Getting a Grip on the Internet of Things

Getting a Grip on the Internet of Things
by Paul McLellan on 03-12-2015 at 7:00 am

QuickLogic’s CTO Tim Saxe gave a keynote Getting a Grip on the Internet of Things at the IoT Summit last week.

He started by relating how things have changed over the last 3 years when he talks to customers.

  • Three years ago it was sensor hubs in smartphones and the power budget was 3mW (so one day between re-charging, something
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Semiconductor IP Innovation

Semiconductor IP Innovation
by Daniel Nenni on 12-14-2009 at 11:23 pm

By definition:
Invention is a new composition, device, or process.
Innovation is a new way of doing something or “new stuff that is made useful”.

Even better:

Invention is the conversion of cash into ideas.

Innovation is the conversion of ideas into cash.

In an industry bound by technical standards and the law of physics, innovation… Read More