Podcast EP137: The International Impact of Accellera’s Work

Podcast EP137: The International Impact of Accellera’s Work
by Daniel Nenni on 01-13-2023 at 10:00 am

Dan is joined by Lu Dai who is currently a Senior Director of Technical Standards at Qualcomm. Previously he was Senior Director of Engineering, leading Qualcomm’s SoC design verification team and front-end methodologies and initiatives. Lu is Chair of Accellera Systems Initiative and serves on the Board of Directors at RISC-V International.

Lu discusses the various standards efforts he is involved with through Accellera and its collaboration with other worldwide organizations such as the IEEE.  He reviews some of the organization’s accomplishments over the past year, including new work on IP security, updates to IP-XACT and a new focus on AMS standards. Looking ahead, there will be more live DVCon events around the world, and new focus on functional safety and clock domain crossings, among others.

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Podcast EP137: The International Impact of Accellera's Work
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