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Public Relations/Public Affairs Project Manager

Public Relations/Public Affairs Project Manager
by Admin on 05-28-2020 at 8:38 pm

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1. Monitor and analyze media coverages and public opinion related to corporate partners

2. Serve as the Public Relations team’s primary resource for corporate community outreach programming and initiatives

3. Streamline communications and planning with the corporate partners/associations

4. Strategically engaging communities, associations and influencers to manage corporate partnership locally, nationally, and internationally.

5. Collaborate with Business Development, Human Resources, Researches, Government Relations and other departments across the organization to

(1) identify and evaluate opportunities for corporate partners to support community relations initiatives,

(2) establish and track community program implementation and

(3) grow continuously the corporate partners’ alliance and impact with their outreach work

6. Develop a comprehensive profile of each corporate partner/association, including their goals, target audience, level of desired engagement and collaboration history with TSMC

7. Track programs and develop and implement a process to measure engagement and impact associated with each partnership


1. At least 5-10 years working experience in similar context

2. Ability to handle confidential information with a high level of discretion, sensitivity and professionalism

3. Strong and engaging written and verbal communication style, including impeccable phone etiquette and with ability to present ideas clearly and concisely

4. Ability to develop positive relationships internally and operate in a manner that reflects TSMC’s collaborative-based culture

5. Strong organizational skills, creativity and a solid work ethic

6. Strong relationship building skills and ability to thrive within a rapidly changing environment

7. Experience developing and implementing corporate-sponsored, community initiatives

8. Experience developing and implementing processes to track and measure program impact

9. Ability to communicate articulately and confidently both verbally and in writing with individuals at every level of the organization

10. Ability to anticipate obstacles and build solutions in a timely manner

11. Strong attention to detail with the ability to prioritize

12. Ability to lead meetings and manage multiple priorities

13. Self-starter, strong individual contributor who is also a great teammate with positive energy

14. Must be fluent in both English and Mandarin, 3rd language such as Japanese/Korean/German is a plus

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit tsmc.taleo.net.

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