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Internship: Artificial Intelligence to improve adoption of Ansys scripting tools

Internship: Artificial Intelligence to improve adoption of Ansys scripting tools
by Admin on 07-24-2023 at 6:48 pm

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6 month end of study internship at Ansys Lyon:

Artificial Intelligence to improve adoption of Ansys scripting tools

Key-words: python, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic analysis, scripting, physics simulation


ANSYS Workbench is a simulation software platform developed by ANSYS Inc. It offers a large range of multi-physics tools enabling the customer to simulate complex parts under real life conditions.

The intern will become part of the Data Processing Framework team which develops efficient distributed post-processing tools for ANSYS products.


The Data Processing Framework (DPF) team provides customers with an open-source python API (ansys-dpf-core) enabling rapid postprocessing of a variety of Ansys file formats and physics solutions. This API is Workflow based which means that customers need to chain operations together to perform a post processing task. The wide variety of operations available in the DPF library and the proposed API can make the learning curve steep. To improve the adoption of this python library the intern will offer AI based tools to improve documentation research and tools to assist users in scripting. The learning phase of these AI tools will take advantage of scripting examples as well as unit tests.

Candidate profile:

The student should be in his/her final year of computer sciences engineering

Strong skills in computer sciences, knowledge and curiosity on AI topics are required. An appetite for physics and simulation would be appreciated.

At Ansys, we know that changing the world takes vision, skill, and each other. We fuel new ideas, build relationships, and help each other realize our greatest potential in the knowledge that every day is an opportunity to observe, teach, inspire, and be inspired. Together as One Ansys, we are powering innovation that drives human advancement.

Our Commitments:

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