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Intern (Technical-Engineering)

Intern (Technical-Engineering)
by Admin on 11-16-2022 at 11:11 am

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Job Description and Requirements

The Embedded Memory in Armenia is part of Solutions Group and is responsible for standard and custom embedded SRAMs/ROMs development and provides both functional and physical views of memory in form of Memory compilers, A semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for the design of complex integrated circuits. The team is completely responsible for all aspects of memory development starting from Bit Cell Analysis, Architecture Design, Characterization and Verification and release.

Main Responsibilities:

  • SRAM functional/ timing simulations, spice level using HSPICE like tools and Verilog simulations with VCS like tool.
  • Role involves developing memory characterization system with advanced data formats and tools.
  • Generating Memory characterization data and validation for large no of PVT’s
  • Learn and apply skills in memory compilers having Transistor level circuit Design.

Key requirements:

  • Knowledge in CMOS fundamentals.
  • Knowledge of CMOS fabrication and advance layout effects.
  • Familiarity with digital design and Characterization knowledge
  • Knowledge in TCL/ Perl / Unix Shell scripting.
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