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Intern SW Dev in Sophia 6 months

Intern SW Dev in Sophia 6 months
by Admin on 10-19-2022 at 3:44 pm

Website Cadence

Student Engineering in R&D Sophia-Antipolis, France.

Duration: six months, student in engineering in a University in France

Date: 2023

Location of the internship: Sophia-Antipolis, France

Subject: Participate in the development of a monitoring system for apps in C++

Cadence, world-wide leader in electronic system design, continuously looks for software tool quality improvement. To improve speed and efficiency of customer support, Cadence develops new features of monitoring in its applications.

The student intern will be part of the R&D team in charge of the engine of the interconnections creation of our software tool Virtuoso.

The intern will be supervised by an engineer of the team to participate in the development of a brand new tool to collect and analyze data. This new tool will be generic, extensible, with a very low memory and CPU footprint so as not to degrade the main application.

The intern will collect the needs of various teams, will define the architecture of the software component. The intern will create and test a first version in C++. If time permits, the intern will also work on tools for analyzing the data collected.

This internship will be a great opportunity to:

  • Learn rigorous and efficient development methods to design complex software
  • Work in an international environment with teams located in the US, in Taiwan, in Scotland and in France
  • Develop competencies in project management

The student will have skills in computer science, in object oriented programming, C++, Linux, data structure.

A plus would be some knowledge in Python, inter-process communication, web services and data Analytics.

The student will be creative, curious, autonomous spirit, with a good level of English.

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