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FPGA Engineer

FPGA Engineer
by Admin on 07-26-2023 at 4:20 pm

Website Codasip

Codasip is a team of processor solutions experts uniquely helping developers to differentiate their products. Our rapidly growing team is spread across the world, with a large number of our engineers based in our original design center in Brno, Czechia.

Our engineering teams are across Europe in France, Germany, Greece, UK and Spain; with the sales team and a growing team of application engineers in the field extending our reach across USA, Japan, Korea and China.

We have already helped customers across the world to deploy billions of chips with our technology.

What the team do

The Platforms team is responsible for taking the cores from the IP teams and building FPGA prototype platforms. They’re also responsible for developing system-level IP like interrupt controllers or application-specific hardware accelerators, as well as writing the reference software to run on the platforms, such as Linux. The prototype platforms are used for system verification and validation to enable our customers to evaluate our IP and cores. The Platforms Team also create “Reference Platforms” to make it easier for customers to create specific market products based on Codasip IP and IP from our selected partners.

They are a team of mixed discipline engineers, with knowledge across the domains of software, hardware, verification and validation. They are based across Europe and will continue to grow throughout 2023.

What you’ll do

We’re hiring an FPGA Engineer to develop, integrate and test system level IP to create platforms along with cores.

  • Design the architecture and logic of FPGA systems
  • Design subsystem components to ASIC quality
  • Work with other parts of the organization to investigate and prototype novel technology
  • Create design specifications based on project requirements
  • Support in development of real-time embedded FPGA systems
  • Implement scripts to configure and control the FPGA Performance
  • FPGA system integration for all subsystems
  • Design and develop for test and contribute in system verification and validation to ensure efficiency, reliability and compatibility
  • Identify any system deficiencies and provide corrective actions to improve performance characteristics
  • Work with the team to implement test strategies and environments

As much as this dynamic, reactive team are very close knit, love distributing knowledge and enjoy solving problems together, we would like somebody who can also be independent, autonomous and can apply lateral thinking to their work.


What we need

  • Extensive recent and relevant experience with FPGA designs
  • Experience with developing and debugging IP on FPGAs
  • Knowledge of verification
  • Basic low level embedded software skills

What we’d really like (in addition to the above requirements)

  • Good knowledge of Xilinx FPGA devices and IP ecosystem
  • Experience with advanced techniques, such as partial reconfiguration, IP protection etc.
  • Experience with using high-speed protocols (PCIe, USB) on FPGAs
  • Expertise in timing closure
  • Knowledge of AMBA protocols (AXI, AHB)
  • Exposure to cloud based FPGAs and/or emulators
  • Awareness of ASIC design flow and EDA tools


What’s in it for you?

Joining Codasip’s Platforms team is a chance to challenge yourself to work on complicated projects and structure how we revolutionize and disrupt the semiconductor industry.

This is not just another standard FPGA Engineer role. Some of the IP you work on will be developed all the way through to ASIC level quality, so you’ll have the opportunity to move into this space as well.

Rather than rigidly delivering to specifications, you’ll be able to contribute your thoughts into how the IP operates. As well as prototyping internal software, you’ll also get to develop projects from scratch based on customer requirements, working with our Labs team to create more cutting edge IP.

You’ll also get to create demos for our sales department who have particular system requirements from our customers. In the future, this team may also get involved in putting together systems for our own test chips.


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