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Facilities Engineer (Electricity)

Facilities Engineer (Electricity)
by Admin on 10-24-2023 at 10:22 pm

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Introduce Soitec and context of the position

Soitec is a company listed on the CAC Next 20 index of the Paris Stock Exchange which operates upstream of the microelectronics value chain. Our innovative semiconductor materials are essential to the operation of smartphones and the deployment of 5G. They also offer numerous opportunities for connected automobiles, electric and autonomous vehicles and embedded intelligence in connected objects. 

This position gives us an incredible responsibility, which inspires us every day: making possible the massive adoption of technological innovations while considerably limiting their environmental impact, in a logic of responsible innovation and sustainable development.

What does the job consist of?

Within the Elec division, you will be responsible for several technical projects covering all of the site’s electrical installations.

With the Elec team, you build and implement the development and improvement strategy for the installations on this perimeter, in order to guarantee availability of the installations to the best standards, by defining and anticipating the future needs of the site in terms of availability and distribution of electricity

To carry out this function, you manage the projects entrusted to you by collaborating with other facilities divisions and a large number of subcontracting companies.

The objective is to realize Soitec’s ambitions and commitments while guaranteeing an optimal level of operation of the installations. As such, you formalize and share a roadmap consistent with these commitments and our certifications.

Also, you contribute, with the centers of expertise, to numerous projects for various subjects such as the adjustment of our industrial capacities.

You collaborate on a daily basis with the team in charge and the manager of the “elec” scope team.

Requirements & qualifications

With an engineering-type technical background, you have at least 10 years of experience in an industrial environment on infrastructure project management activities, in the HTA electricity scope.

You complement these skills with general knowledge in energy and environmental management.

You have very good interpersonal skills and know how to work in a team.

You are rigorous and demanding in your role as “order giver”. You know how to deal with the unexpected and appreciate versatility.

If you like to take on challenges and if you want to participate in the growth of our industrial site, then don’t hesitate and apply!

Apply for job

To view the job application please visit careers-soitec.icims.com.

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