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Design Engineer

Design Engineer
by Admin on 07-11-2022 at 10:30 pm

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ARM’s hardware is at the heart of the computing and connectivity revolution that continues to transform the way people live and businesses operate.

This position is an excellent opportunity for an expert RTL design engineer to join a creative, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team developing IP that is essential to technology platforms across the industry!

About System IP

The Systems IP team engages with the world’s foremost technology companies, driving innovation into all areas that compute is possible, to help build better solutions for the billions of people using our technology worldwide. The team is responsible for the creation of a range of sophisticated Arm IP, like Interconnects/NoCs, MMUs and ISPs used in multiple innovative products for many different market segments.

This role is within the System Memory Management Unit (SMMU) team.

The SMMU is a key component of the Arm Architecture and implements one of the most significant algorithms in modern computing systems: address translation and memory protection. The SMMU team is developing next-generation Arm SMMU implementations targeting high-end mobile, networking, and enterprise markets.

The team employs the latest hardware design and verification methodologies to develop sophisticated, high performance, and highly configurable hardware IP to a high quality standard, enabling delivery to multiple partners with diverse requirements.


As a Staff Engineer, you would be required to:

  • Analyse proposed specifications to understand implementation challenges and opportunities, working with the architects to improve and refine the ideas
  • Plan, track and coordinate tasks for yourself and your team
  • Work with modelling, verification, performance analysis and back-end implementation colleagues to ensure your design meets all the functional and performance requirements
  • Improve design methodology to meet evolving needs
  • Lead and mentor other team members as they learn and solve new problems.

What will I be accountable for?

As a Design Engineer you will be responsible for development of one or more functional blocks of the IP. Possess an in-depth understanding of all the aspects of the products’ successful delivery, including low-power design techniques, awareness of the impact of design decisions on system performance, ability to produce designs that are area efficient, and the verification techniques that are employed to ensure high-quality, innovative designs

Crucial skills and experience

  • Demonstration of a strong delivery record of high quality, low power, high performance sophisticated micro-architecture and RTL design using System Verilog, Verilog or VHDL in reasonable timescales.
  • Be able to navigate and make high-level design trade-offs and articulate the rationale for those choices.
  • Knowledgeable on ASIC (or FPGA) design methodology, IP signoff methods with a deep understanding on timing/area/complexity trade-offs for complex data path designs

Desirable skills

  • Team leadership and mentoring experience
  • Knowledge of memory system interconnect protocols (e.g. AMBA ACE-Lite or AXI)
  • Solid understanding of SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA) and formal verification
  • Experience of a scripting language such as Perl, Tcl, C shell, Python
  • Knowledge of a number hardware verification languages e.g. SystemVerilog
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