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Circuit Simulation Engineer

Circuit Simulation Engineer
by Admin on 02-20-2023 at 9:01 pm

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The Circuit Simulation Engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining software designed to perform transistor-level analog/RF circuit simulation.

  • Work with an engineering and cross-functional team to deliver innovative technologies in a production environment
  • Optimize, improve, and fix issues in the circuit simulator
  • Develop and program numerical methods such as: linear algebra algorithms, sparse matrix techniques, Fourier analysis, nonlinear optimization, and parallel numerical methods
  • Interact with internal and external users to identify and resolve product defects
  • Design and develop high quality, scalable, high-performance code
  • Participate in code review to ensure new code conforms to high standards
  • Performs research activities to identify performance bottlenecks and improve the reliability and scalability of the current simulation tools
  • Understands customer requirements and competitive issues to provide solutions recommendations.

Candidate should have:

  • MS/PhD in electrical engineering, applied mathematics/physics, computer science, or a similar field, with background in numerical simulation techniques. Examples of fields of interest would include
    • Electrical engineering (electrical circuit simulation, systems/control theory, signal processing, analog circuit analysis, photonics circuit/system simulation, semiconductor device simulation)
    • Computational electromagnetic (finite element methods, finite-difference time domain/FDTD, integral equations, fast multipole algorithms)
    • Computer science (parallel numerical algorithms, graph algorithms, high performance computing architectures)
    • Applied mathematics (computational linear algebra, sparse matrix algorithms, numerical solution of ordinary or partial differential equations, model order reduction, nonlinear optimizations)
    • Computational physics (particle methods, fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo techniques, thermal analysis).
  • Experience in C/C++ programming and software debugging tools
  • Good communications skills and ability to work with a geographically distributed software development team.

Preferred Skills:

  • Programming skills in one or more scripting languages, such as Python or Perl, is a plus.
  • Knowledge in analog/RF circuits and familiarity with analog/RF/custom design flows or EDA tools is a plus.
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