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Automotive Augmented Reality Applications Insights from Patents

Automotive Augmented Reality Applications Insights from Patents
by Alex G. Lee on 02-15-2016 at 12:00 pm

US20150202962 illustrates a system for controlling vehicle features via an augmented reality vehicle user interface. The system includes an image capturing device for capturing an image of the vehicle. The system identifies the points of interest that correspond to the vehicle features within portions of the image of the vehicle captured by the image capturing device. The system presents an augmented reality user interface of the vehicle that includes the vehicle feature settings menu icons overlaid upon the points of interest using the driver’s smartphone.
US20150226568 illustrates a navigation system for providing road guidance using the augmented reality head-up display (HUD). The system provides the route information as a virtual preceding vehicle on a front glass of a vehicle using the HUD technology. The virtual preceding vehicle represents various direction information and traffic information. The virtual preceding vehicle is driven in front of the vehicle by a reference distance that is adjusted based on the speed of the vehicle. The virtual preceding vehicle displays a turn signal lamp of the virtual preceding vehicle at different flickering periods based on a remaining distance from a current position to left and right turn points. The virtual preceding vehicle guides the driver’s vehicle up to the preset destination in connection with a position of the vehicle. Thus, the system allows the driver to arrive at a preset destination while viewing the movement of a virtual preceding vehicle.

*CNET Augmented Reality HUD System Introduction Video
*Continental Augmented Reality HUD System Demo Video
*Hyundai Augmented Reality HUD System Demo Video

US20150206431 illustrates an augmented reality HUD system for providing the safe driving information (e.g., anti-collision warning) in front of a vehicle in a form that can be easily recognized by the driver of the vehicle. The system collects and processes the driving environment information, driving situation information of the vehicle, obstacle information, and information on the driver’s line of sight. The system determines a provision based on the processed information. The system provides the safe driving information according to the determined provision form and provision timing of the safe driving information.

US20150291160 illustrates a cruise control system using the augmented reality HUD. The system avoids the preceding vehicle following cruise control function being released or stopped because the preceding vehicle is temporarily not detected as the driving road is changed from a straight road into a slope road or a curved road during the preceding vehicle following cruise. The system continuously displays the preceding vehicle using the augmented reality technologies if the preceding vehicle is temporarily disappeared as the preceding vehicle enters into a slope section or a curve section. The system receives road information on a front road of the vehicle during a preceding vehicle following cruise. The system determines whether the front road is a slope road or a curved road based on the road information. Then, the system displays a virtual preceding vehicle in the information display region through augmented reality when it is determined that the preceding vehicle does not exist.

US20150154802 illustrates an augmented reality lane change assistant system that increases convenience and safety for a driver. The system provides the augmented reality overlapping image on an outside mirror that visualizes the driving information of an objective vehicle in the side rear area from a vehicle.

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